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Recent content by DyingChicken

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    UPDATE Upcoming Factions Reset

    hey mew don't fuck over facs please <3
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    UPDATE Prison Reset - PayPal and $1,500 In rewards - Futuristic Themed

    Sound like you still don’t care about factions typical
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    UPDATE Factions Reset

    Cannons nevered worked on fade. That’s what makes it special
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    UPDATE Factions Reset

    I’m just gonna come out and say all the problems with factions atm. 1. F map auto only works if you are walking which means you have to spam f map to actually search for bases. 2. Warp bosses were never added. 3. FIshing rewards do not work. 4. TnT bank was never added. 5. Sometimes gaps don’t...
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    UPDATE Factions Reset

    Yikes if only it was a week later I could be unbanned. Well good luck to everyone who will be on have a great factions season that will probably last 5 months again!
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    Ofc Not

    Ofc Not
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    But u insides my box

    But u insides my box
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    NEWS Factions & OPFactions Top Winners

    Can u read lmfao I said booty raided then.
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    NEWS Factions & OPFactions Top Winners

    lmfao its fade it never ends on time they delayed it that's y I got third instead of first
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    NEWS Factions & OPFactions Top Winners

    If the ftop ended at noon I would be first dumbass I had 2.6 bil at that time. It ended at 12 am not 12 pm
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    NEWS Factions & OPFactions Top Winners

    u mean u got raided last minute
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    NEWS Factions & OPFactions Top Winners

    DaddyMew next time if u change the time for the ftop comp plz at least notify us I had 2 bil and removed it because the staff told me it was over. Not blaming the staff if it seams like it but plz notifyy us next time.
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    NEWS Factions & OPFactions Top Winners

    U lied to me mew :( u said the ftop comp was gonna end at 12 pm est on may 17. I asked Dr4g0nHunt3r and he said it was over. So I took down spawners cud I trusted the staff. Well tbh it is typical fadecloud what is there to expect.