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Reactions received by Oreo

  • En5ads
    En5ads reacted Like to Oreo's status.
    Congratulations to robbae! new network helper that i figured needed some love <3
  • XISilverIX
    How come every staff member on the planet got mod or head admin? LOL gratz to @[212:@Bagelz], @[79:@Hybridz], @[70:@LucKYsHoTSzZz] , @[4535:@MedKey], and @[10164:@XISilverIX]
  • L
    Lennon reacted Like to Oreo's post on Lennon's profile.
    Your hilarious LOL You deserve 61652626255226 followers with your humor. I made a similar thread to itz_laiths. Maybe reply? Very funny :D OreoGod
  • iStenny
    iStenny reacted Like to Oreo's post on iStenny's profile.
    Congratulations! I knew someone with your profesionalism would perfectly fit In for staff Followed you :3 how do you only have 5 followers. EVERYONE FOLLOW XD