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    Bow Spleef Event! Hey Faders! Guess what? We have another event this weekend marking the reopening of FadeCloud’s event server! This Sunday at 5pm EST we will be hosting a Bow Spleef event. This server will be opened and you will be able to join...
  • Conor
    congrats sexies @Andreq be the next to get admin
  • Conor
    If you're being poorly treated by staff then go ahead and report them I am sure Chris will have a conversation with the Staff or multiple I am not sure how many are doing this but I am 100% Chris will have a conversation with them about what they...
  • Conor
    Aside from what @Piggy stated above, which is completely accurate, PapaMew just got over being sick. He runs the server with the developers as he doesn’t have anyone to accompany him with extremely private matters, such as the release of payment...
  • Conor
    The reason I have resigned is due to multiple factors. I have started a business with a friend, having to work another job, basketball and schooling
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    Conor reacted Agree to Chrisbeg's status.
    For anyone wondering. Applications were not reviewed on the 15th for a few reasons. We have plenty of staff at the moment, so instead of bringing in new staff I'd much rather work on the current staff; activity within the staff team is an issue...