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Reactions given by Chrisbeg

  • Chrisbeg
    Chrisbeg reacted Agree to Braddddd's post on PrivateMoser's profile.
    If anything goes wrong here on your head be it!
  • Chrisbeg
    Happy pi day!!
  • Chrisbeg
    Just got called a 'snitch' for reporting a player who was confirmed by staff to be breaking rules. Almost every server has a set of rules to follow and promotes a healthy community of players. What good are we if we aren't enforcing Fade's rules...
  • Chrisbeg
    Chrisbeg reacted Agree to Lux's comment on Chrisbeg's profile post
    Why do you do stuff like this at 3am... go to bed
  • Chrisbeg
    Chrisbeg reacted Agree to sky/katniss's comment on Nerdaddy's profile post
    you'll be back x, everyone who says they quit because of a denial comes back :0