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Reactions given by Chrisbeg

  • Chrisbeg
    Chrisbeg reacted Agree to Braddddd's post on PrivateMoser's profile.
    If anything goes wrong here on your head be it!
  • Chrisbeg
    Happy pi day!!
  • Chrisbeg
    Just got called a 'snitch' for reporting a player who was confirmed by staff to be breaking rules. Almost every server has a set of rules to follow and promotes a healthy community of players. What good are we if we aren't enforcing Fade's rules...
  • Chrisbeg
    some of y’all weren’t spanked enough as children
  • Chrisbeg
    Chrisbeg reacted Agree to Lux's comment on Chrisbeg's profile post
    Why do you do stuff like this at 3am... go to bed
  • Chrisbeg
    Chrisbeg reacted Agree to sky/katniss's comment on Nerdaddy's profile post
    you'll be back x, everyone who says they quit because of a denial comes back :0
  • Chrisbeg
    Chrisbeg reacted Agree to Kungfoos's comment on iCannon's profile post
    Yes, breaking the rules the are required to enforce is not tolerated. You aren’t the first and you won’t be the last. Just because you cleaned up and was better doesn’t mean you get an exception because you improved. Mistakes happen and there are...