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    Sorry for not posting the updates on here. Just wanted to clarify what are all the new features that were added and have not had a post for. We got a lot more planned for fadecloud that will push more towards uniqueness. We will be rolling these...
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    TITLE COINS UPDATE I'm extremely excited to announce custom titles! Now you can stand out among the crowds and create your own title formatted exactly to your liking. Once you've got title coins, you can use the command /title create <name> which...
  • Chrisbeg
    I'm saying this just so you know. This is not meant to be toxic at all, im just going to say the facts. Let's Start it off with the event itself: It is a VERY good idea Factions Is dying and it needs to reset and change its rules for it to gain...
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    staffs grammar gaming on point, smh.
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    haha, ex staff = harsher punishment must be banned