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Reactions given by Chrisbeg

  • Chrisbeg
    @[7714:@Chrisbeg] I will definitely do something with the words u said to me thanks for informing about it I will try my best to improve <3
  • Chrisbeg
    First status post, enjoying Fade so far :eyes:
  • Chrisbeg
    Hey y’all will probably hear his soon from discord or the staff. I have decided to resign as an administrator from the team. However, Chris and Mew have been very generous and allowed me to be a Discord Administrator so I can still help out with...
  • Chrisbeg
    This is your daily checkup from Braddddd :)
  • Chrisbeg
    Chrisbeg reacted Friendly to Conor's status.
    you're all nerds btw <3
  • Chrisbeg
    Chrisbeg reacted Friendly to Seadraa's comment on Seadraa's profile post
    thank you for the confirmation bb
  • Chrisbeg
    Chrisbeg reacted Friendly to Luke's comment on Luke's profile post
    honestly leaving fade has been such a positive in my my irl life kinda glad things went the way they did.