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Recent content by CaptainClay

  1. CaptainClay

    UPDATE July Staff Wave & Top Voters

    Congrats abbeyyy
  2. CaptainClay

    NEWS Upcoming Skyblock Destiny Reset

    Maybe come back to this season with it being summer again just need an island with someone I know
  3. CaptainClay

    NEWS Prison Reset

    Cool, but one day notice theres no way it's gonna be on time.
  4. CaptainClay

    UPDATE Top Voters December & Staff Updates | 1/1/19

    GG to all new staff and the returning ones. Bring back kungfoosed title!
  5. CaptainClay

    NEWS Survival Reset | 1.12, Towny and Ranks!

    C'mon you could'a done this for skyblock
  6. CaptainClay

    EVENT Christmas Scavenger Hunt

    No PM me them hehe
  7. CaptainClay

    EVENT Christmas Scavenger Hunt

    Just like school who wants give me their answers don't worry I'll change the font and color.
  8. CaptainClay

    UPDATE Staff Updates | 12/16/18

    GG to everyone. And yes some of the OG staff coming back.
  9. CaptainClay

    UPDATE SantaMew and Toys!!

    Time to grind for these titles
  10. CaptainClay

    NEWS Skyblock Reset | Robots, Chunk Chest's and IS Top!

    Finally! But keep the mob killing system and keep the pass so you can go out of order
  11. CaptainClay

    UPDATE FadeCloud Meme Competition 2.0

    When your school decided to not get Photoshop do you don't have it :(
  12. CaptainClay

    EVENT Factions Purge Event

    If this happens for Skyblock @Dworks I'm coming for you
  13. CaptainClay

    UPDATE OPSkyblock Reset // Spawner upgrades, lucky drops & more

    Add /ss back especially if u want it to be OP Skyblock plus more rolex's
  14. CaptainClay

    UPDATE OPSkyblock Reset // Spawner upgrades, lucky drops & more

    So u decided to stop looking at Rolex's and spend time on SB XD