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Reactions received by bidner

  • DerpyArcher_
    DerpyArcher_ reacted Like to bidner's comment on DerpyArcher_'s profile post
    Good luck with your business, sad to see you resign.
  • Sam
    Sam reacted Like to bidner's post on Sam's profile.
    Congrats Sam! :)
  • P
    PlaygroundNull reacted Like to bidner's comment on PlaygroundNull's profile post
    Alrighty, I see you made a post in donation issues which is what you're supposed to do, so you're all set now, an Admin will fix it as soon as they can. :)
  • abbeyyy
    abbeyyy reacted Optimistic to bidner's comment on abbeyyy's profile post
    Hello Abbers
  • DemonJoey
    DemonJoey reacted Agree to bidner's comment on DemonJoey's profile post
    https://fadecloudmc.com/forums/threads/forum-name-change-request.77239/ reply to that thread for a name change.