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  • Axolotls
    Good luck to all applicants! By the way do not stress out too much. If you get denied this time read the reason why (Chris will point it out), learn from your errors and try again next month :)
  • Axolotls
    For anyone wondering. Applications were not reviewed on the 15th for a few reasons. We have plenty of staff at the moment, so instead of bringing in new staff I'd much rather work on the current staff; activity within the staff team is an issue...
  • Axolotls
    @[7714:@Chrisbeg] I will definitely do something with the words u said to me thanks for informing about it I will try my best to improve <3
  • Axolotls
    Got demoted for a bs reason, read my petition if you want to learn more about it https://www.ipetitions.com/petition/demoted-before-being-warned
  • Axolotls
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    thank you kungfoo