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  • Andreq
    Happy Easter, throughout the day I will be hiding Gift Card codes around the network. This includes Discord, Twitter, Forums and In-Game. Only one person will be able to use each code so be quick in finding it! 1528 6548 4470
  • Andreq
    Hello,Faders, Faction has been reset and is here. Reset Date: Friday, August 23rd @ 5 PM EST CountDown: https://tinyurl.com/y4lkutgd • 25 Man factions • 80 Power • 20 Chunk Buffers • 60 Day Season / 6 Day Grace Period • Spawner Economy •...
  • Andreq
    Andreq reacted Happy to Loto's status.
    wait what tomorrow is my birthday
  • Andreq
    Andreq reacted Happy to Jayy's status.
    i was just casually scrolling through my mom’s facebook, and i never realized how many baby pictures she had of me. oh btw, i’m back tmr from my break.
  • Andreq
    Andreq reacted Happy to Chrisbeg's comment on Andreq's profile post
    Yes, should be released either tonight or tomorrow.
  • Andreq
    Andreq reacted Happy to Brummy's comment on Brummy's profile post
    Ill stay because some irl friends want me to stay, and alot of other people so i wont leave <3
  • Andreq
    Andreq reacted Happy to AlphaBeta's comment on Jayy's profile post
    Chris better watch out! The 8.5 year old and his army are gonna attack us!