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Recent content by 2ek

  1. 2ek

    UPDATE November Staff Wave & Top Voters

    Congrats To The Promoted Staff Team you all deserve it!!!
  2. 2ek

    NEWS Skyblock Destiny Reset - November 30th

    i love it so far keep up the good work everyone !!! that would be perfect i’m hopefully trying to get bedrock soon lol lol come back king you will enjoy it lot it’s fun and addicting I’m so glad to be joining you this season Pat i’m so excited we will do great things this season don’t you...
  3. 2ek

    Happy and Nervous <3

    Happy and Nervous <3
  4. 2ek

    UPDATE Prison Reset (October 19th) - $1,750 In Rewards

    I cant wait to meet new friends and faders along the path but i’m excited for this all thanks mew!
  5. 2ek

    UPDATE Prison Reset (October 19th) - $1,750 In Rewards

    However i am excited about this Prison Reset to be able to start anew and hopefully have better chances at being ima number one cell lol!
  6. 2ek

    UPDATE Prison Reset (October 19th) - $1,750 In Rewards

    I agree it was very hard last season hopefully i can meet new friends this season and sadly i can not beat u all in orb flips which kind of hurts and makes me feel useless but i will get through it