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Skyblock Destiny Season #12
July 11th / 4 PM EST / Saturday
Click Here to view the count down until reset!

Paypal Rewards
Payouts will be paid every month @ 4 PM EST

• Place #1 - $100 Paypal
• Place #2...

Prison Season #14
June 27th / 3 PM EST / Saturday
Click Here to view the count down until reset!

Paypal Rewards
Total Prize Pool: $1,750 In rewards

• Place #1 - $100 Paypal
• Place #2 - $75...
Skyblock Rules

by FadeCloud on Jun 17, 2020

703 0

Last Update: June 27th, 2020

Disqualification Information // Island Strike System:
Strike 1 - 25% Island Value Deduction at Payout
Strike 2 - 50% Island Value Deduction at Payout
Strike 3 - 2 Week Disqualification from Payouts...​

Skyblock Karma Season #1
June 13th / 3 PM EST / Saturday
Click Here to view the count down until reset!

Paypal Rewards
Total Prize Pool: $1,750 In rewards

• Place #1 - $100 Paypal
• Place #2 - $75...
384 10
Screenshot 2020-06-05 at 00.23.08.png

The staff wave is now complete, thank you to everyone who applied.

The following members were promoted:

Spankshotz | Player → Helper
Jarred476 | Player → Helper

Emilypuff | Helper → Moderator
AddictedFader | Helper → Moderator
Hastefull | Moderator → Sr.Moderator
Kieran | Moderator → Sr.Moderator

Top Voters rewards are means for the Management and Staff to provide rewards to the community as a thank you for the continued support and incentive to stay as a crucial member of the community. The following users have supported the server by voting most days this month and therefore have received the top voters rewards.

First Place | Tater_Hog
Second Place | JehJeh
Third Place | Franko812
Fourth Place | Staragata
Fifth Place| Mexican_Man

All winners...​
Factions 1vs1 Event

by Andreq on Apr 28, 2020

877 10
image (2).png
Get your sword and armor ready, the first 1vs1 event of the season is about to start!
The event will be hosted on Friday at 3 pm EST on Factions!

| Information
The event will consist of a 1vs1 tournament. Two players will fight each other to the death in an arena and only the winner will pass onto the following round!

At the end of the tournament there will be two final fights:
-One for the First Place (the loser will get Second Place)
-One for the Third Place
between the semi-final...
1,026 17

Factions is now being reset! View the full change log in this post.​

April 25th, 2020
3 PM EST / Saturday

Click here to view the count down!

Map Information
The following is the map information for the new season.

• 10 man Factions
• 4-second Cannons
• Spawner / Cane Economy
• Custom Enchantments
• Overworld border - 5000 x 5000
• Nether border - 2500 x 2500
• Moon border - 2500 x 2500...
Faction Package

by AlphaBeta on Apr 18, 2020

1,394 21
Hello, Faders and Newcomers!

We are proud to announce a new feature to our network! Faction Packages!

@Andreq has worked hard with the factions community and the Administrative Team to create a package to encourage newcomers who seek competition to settle themselves into the competition smoothly and efficiently.

The Contents are subject to change per-season; although, not guaranteed.
Giving a rundown of our package, here are some key details you need to know!

◉ Members must have never played on FadeCloud before.​
◉ Their Faction Roster should be at least 8 players.​

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