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Survival Games Event

by AlphaBeta on Feb 25, 2020

125 7

Prepare your Swords, Bows, and Potions!
We are hosting our first Official Survival Games Event!

The event will be held in the Events Server (Accessible through /events) on **Saturday, February 29th, at 12pm EST**
CLICK HERE to be redirected to a site where you can compare your timezones! All you will need to do is add your city/timezone, and it will automatically provide the information and time the event starts in your timezone!

| Information

This event is self-explanatory in the sense that your goal is to survive! Similar to Hunger Games, everyone will spawn in a...
Anvil Rain Event

by AlphaBeta on Feb 06, 2020

524 20

Get out your umbrellas and take cover!
Justin, Leanan, and I have been working hard to bring you a New Server called Events!

To kick off the new server, we will be hosting our first event on Friday, February 14th, at 3:00 PM EST!
CLICK HERE to be redirected to a site where you can compare your timezones! All you will need to do is add your city/timezone, and it will automatically provide the information and time the event starts in your timezone!

Upcoming Skyblock Reset

by PapaMew on Feb 05, 2020

515 13

Skyblock is now being reset! a full changelog will be posted on the day of the reset.​

February 8th, 2020
3 PM EST / Saturday

Click here to view the count down!

Paypal Rewards
Payments will be distributed every month for the top 5 island owners.

• Place #1 - $100 Paypal
• Place #2 - $75 Paypal
• Place #3 - $25 Paypal
• Place #4 - $15 Buycraft
• Place #5 - $10 Buycraft

Winners will be determined every month on Saturday at 3 PM EST.

All the changes that have been...
426 13
jan staff wave.png

The staff wave is now complete, thank you to everyone who applied.

The following members were promoted:

xPiggie | Player → Helper
zVisualCC_ | Player → Helper

Leanan | Senior Moderator → Administrator
Limme | Moderator → Senior Moderator
360fps | Helper → Moderator

Top Voters rewards are means for the Management and Staff to provide rewards to the community as a thank you for the continued support and incentive to stay as a crucial member of the community. The following users have supported the server by voting most days this month and therefore have received the top voters rewards.

vote top jan.png

All winners should check their mail in /hub1 soon for your code.

Kind Regards,
FadeCloud Management​
Prison Sumo Event

by AlphaBeta on Feb 01, 2020

318 12

Come join us on Prisons for a Sumo Event on Saturday, February 1st, at 3:30 PM EST!

@Justugh figured it would be an entertaining opportunity to liven up the server as PapaMew recovers from his sickness and I have been invited to help host/supervise the event!

| Information

A Sumo battle is similar to a Free-For-All King of the Hill! The arena will prevent flying and we require you to remove ALL items, weapons, armor, and effects from your person while participating in the event. Failure to do so will result in a Disqualification from the Event.

*** This Event will be hosted on Prison and accessible by using the command /warp sumo...
Sharks and Minnows Event

by Chrisbeg on Feb 12, 2019

1,305 15

@Kungfoos and I are bringing you with another event, this time it’s live!

The event will be hosted tomorrow on Wednesday 13th February at (10pm GMT, 2pm PT, 5pm ET, 4pm CT) and will be hosted on Prison at /warp event.

| Information

This event is similar to the American game called Sharks and Minnows. Players will start on the red side of the arena behind a pre-existing wall. A ‘shark’ will be standing in the middle of the arena with a sharpness 100 sword and their task will be to kill each player until there is one remaining (who is crowned winner). Once the game has started, the shark will shout “GO”, players must run to the opposite black side (the safe zone) and stop there...
Skyblock Luminous Release

by PapaMew on Feb 09, 2019

1,264 13

Surprise surprise, skyblock luminous has made a return. A lot of people didnt like the new version of skyblock so we decided to bring back old school skyblock. All the nice features that you guys loved are on there! Island top is using levels now, pets can be obtained with experience, mystery mob spawners are back and many more old features!

  • - Mystery Mob Spawners can be obtained in /shop
  • - Chunk chests in /shop
  • - Good old envoys
  • - Sell wands added to crates
  • - Island top uses levels
  • - Stacked spawners
  • - Zombie pigman drop gold
  • - Silverfish drop diamond
  • - Villagers drop emerald
  • - No spawner upgrades
  • - No robots
  • - No mob coins...
1,102 15

| Forums Update

If you’re reading this, without a doubt you’re aware of our recent Forums update. There’s a split reaction but we hope you’ll look at this forums update with an open mind.

I’ve personally had a few requests of making old themes available for use. Unfortunately, that isn’t possible, this update wasn’t only cosmetic. We're now using XenForo 2, whereas the old themes were XenForo 1, so it wouldn't be possible for us to just add the old themes. Obviously, XF2 is so much better and a lot cleaner, hence why we decided to get a new theme and upgrade to XF2.

Hope that makes the decision a little more understandable rather than people just thinking this was a cosmetic update...

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