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Skyblock Reset Delay
September 18th / 5 PM EST / Friday
Click Here to view the count down until reset!

Hey Faders! We are bringing you this announcement to let everyone know we have reached a conclusion to a tough decision... We will be postponing the Skyblock Season 14 Reset until this coming Friday, September 18th, at 5 PM...
328 12

Screenshot 2020-09-11 at 16.01.51.png

The staff wave is now complete, thank you to everyone who applied.

The following members were promoted:

Learnd | Helper → Moderator
Presented | Helper → Moderator
emilypuff | Moderator→ Sr.Moderator

Top Voters rewards are means for the Management and Staff to provide rewards to the community as a thank you for the continued support and incentive to stay as a crucial member of the community. The following users have supported the server by voting most days this month and therefore have received the top voters rewards.

Screenshot 2020-09-01 at 11.57.47.png

All winners should check their mail in /hub1 soon for your code.

Kind Regards,
FadeCloud Management​
940 23

Skyblock Season #14
September 11th / 5 PM EST / Friday
Click Here to view the count down until reset!


Paypal Rewards [/island top]
All vouchers...
Prison Reset - August 29th

by PapaMew on Aug 26, 2020

1,135 26

Prison Season #14
August 29th / 5 PM EST / Saturday
Click Here to view the count down until reset!

Paypal Rewards [/gang top]
All vouchers expire after the week they are handed out. You can keep track of top gangs with /g top.

• Place #1 - $100 Paypal
Factions 1vs1 Event

by Andreq on Aug 19, 2020

470 13
Gear up, get your potions and start the fight! A 1vs1 event will be hosted on Thursday at 4 pm EST on Factions!

| Information
The event will consist of a 1vs1 tournament. Two players will fight each other to the death in an arena and only the winner will pass onto the following round!

At the end of the tournament there will be two final fights:
-One for the First Place (the loser will get Second Place)
-One for the Third Place
between the semi-final losers!

Discord In-game Update

by PapaMew on Oct 08, 2019

1,826 13
Hello Faders,

We'd like to introduce and push our discord more in-game therefor we have implemented a new features that will take place after tonights reboot.

Discord Update
Once the plugin is live you will be able to type /discord and it will show up with a link that you will need to copy.

Afterwards, you will need to use the !sync text and put it in the fadebot-spam channel and run it!

You are now all set! you can now type /discord to bring up the daily rewards menu and you will be able to claim them! You can claim the following:

• Daily Reward - x1 Vote Key (1 day cooldown)
• Nitro Reward - x1 Godly Key (7 day...

Hello Faders,

Skyblock destiny reset is almost here.

RESET TIME: October 4th, Friday, 5 PM EST

Paypal Rewards

Payments will be distributed every week for the top 5 island.

• Place #1 - $100 Paypal
• Place #2 - $75 Buycraft
• Place #3 - $50 Buycraft
• Place #4 - $15 Buycraft
• Place #5 - $10 Buycraft

Payments will be distributed every week for 6 weeks.

Server Changelog

• 1.12 Update - All blocks, mobs and features from 1.12 are now live on the server
New spawn
New warzone
Economy slightly changed
Added more...
Towny Scavenger Hunt

by Chrisbeg on Sep 30, 2019

1,608 31

In celebration of the Towny reset, formally known as survival (finally) Management has decided to host a Scavenger Hunt. Normal FadeCloud rules apply, don’t make this unfair for users.

| How does it work?

Around the Towny map (spawn may be included), bedrock blocks will be placed randomly with a sign on the top. These signs will have a word in bold. Bedrock has been used so that players aren’t able to place their own words around the map. First come first serve, once you’ve found the word you must quickly come back to this thread and fill out the form (displayed below). There will only be one prize given out per word, if you find the word second or don’t manage to fill in the form before someone else does...

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