Hey Guys! I kept the poll up a little longer than expected.
All is good though as I had the post moved so it couldn't receive any more votes while I looked over them

Lets bring in the results!


Moontaxi @ 15 votes!
50$ Buycraft Voucher will be given to you shortly. (i need your forums name please)


@Duck_Boat @ 11 Votes!
30$ Buycraft Voucher will be given to you shortly.

Alright Faders, The Halloween Building Competition is over. (Poll is being made, will be posted real soon)
Time to kickstart the Holidays!

(okay maybe not that serious)

This Build Competition is a bit different than the one that just took place.
This competition will be limited to 24 teams, each team can have up to 4 more players (5 total per team)
Instead of starting from scratch, you will be using a pre-made map and you will have to use that specific map to make a new spawn for creative that will be present until the end of...
Thank you so much to eveyone who came to the event!
We had a ton of fun with everyone and the competition went great!
Our event team has a lot more fun planned for you all so watch out for more event announcements!

A shout out to our winners!
@WolveSRise 1st place!
@RCswaggamer 2nd place!
@PiGuy_ 3rd place!

Another huge thank you to our amazing staff for helping us run the event and put all of...
Hello Faders,

Reset Date
Wednesday October 18, 2017
Approximately at 3 PM EST

The post that you all have been waiting on, it is extremely long and I apologize for that. The devs and @Hybridz have been working extremely hard on this reset. We've been gathering community suggestions, especially from @Infernos, and feedback. I can confidently say that this prison reset will be our best work yet. We've added a couple of new features and worked on balancing out the enchantments. Nonetheless, here are the new aspects:

» Tokens Changes (Orbs)
Main command:...