Top Voters rewards are means for the Management and Staff to provide rewards to the community as a thank you for the continued support and incentive to stay as a crucial member of the community. The following users have supported the server by voting most days this month and therefore have received the top voters rewards.

They are as follows -

1st | C0PILOT ($50 Store Coupon)
2nd | _Ghost_toxic ($50 Store Coupon)
3rd | Dr4g0nHunt3r ($50 Store Coupon)
4th | minidog2006 ($50 Store Coupon)
5th | SHADOW3RS ($50 Store Coupon)

All winners will be privately messaged on the forums shortly with a code to use on our store. Any winners without a forums account should check their...

The current staff application wave has now ended, all applications have been reviewed and either accepted or denied. The Creative build competition has also ended, the admins have been through many interesting and inventive builds and have come to the agreement for the first, second and third place.

| Creative Build Competition

Build winner prizes are as follows:

1ST WINNER: $100 Gift Card + #BlameChris Title + Build Displayed near spawn
2ND WINNER: $50 Gift Card + #BlameChris Title
3RD WINNER: $25 Gift Card + #BlameChris Title

And the winners are:

1ST WINNER: Duck_Boat | Unknown theme
Sorry for not posting the updates on here. Just wanted to clarify what are all the new features that were added and have not had a post for. We got a lot more planned for fadecloud that will push more towards uniqueness. We will be rolling these updates once we resolve the current problems that are occurring. Nonetheless, lets get into the new features
| CloudPasses [Skyblock]
A new wave of challenges has been released. Each tier of challenges that you complete you will receive a reward. These challenges are very basic and require not much work.

Every single player has access to the first tier challenges so that...​

| Important Factions Announcement

Due to players keeping spawners in their player vaults or ender chests until the end of the season then placing them up, we will be implementing a new plugin to prevent you from doing so.

Before Friday September 21st, 2018 Each player must take out their spawners from their player vaults and enderchests or they will lose them for the entire season. Administrators will not be removing spawners from those enderchests and playervaults after the due date. This plugin does the following to spawners:
  1. You cannot place spawners in /pv.
  2. You cannot place spawners in enderchests.
Again, you have until Friday...