UPDATE Staff Update
We'd like to let the community know about our most recent promotions/additions to the staff team!
Please welcome the following players to the helper role:


We have also promoted the following from Helper to Moderator, please congratulate:


Once again, congratulation to those that did receive a promotion!
If you weren't fortunate to get accepted this time, you may reapply in two weeks!

Thank you for your attention and we hope for great things to come :)

Hello Faders,

Reset Date: Friday (July 27, 2018) @ approximately 3 PM EST
Date subject to change if we run into issues.

(( Reset might be earlier by a day or two, please checkup daily ))

| Spawner Upgrades
Say goodbye to mystery spawners and say hello to spawner upgrades! This plugin will allow players to upgrade their spawners by right clicking them. Once you've right clicked, you will be able to choose what item you want the spawner to drop for the cost of in-game money. For example, Iron golems have 3 upgrades. You can choose between them...
Hello Faders,
The run for the top voter of June is now over. Congratulations to the following users:

  • @Aceef - $50 giftcard
  • @Dr4g0nHunt3r - $50 giftcard
  • @IvyRock - $50 giftcard
  • @SkiezSG - $50 giftcard
  • @DaddyGob - $50 giftcard
Also congratulations to the following players who were top 5 in rebirths (last prison season):

  • @TigerCow - $300 giftcard
  • @calppp - $150 giftcard
  • @Wesleu - $100 giftcard
  • @Iouea - $25 giftcard
  • @Exhibition_ - $10 giftcard
All users will...
Hello Faders,

The meme comp has been a huge success. After going over 25+ threads worth of memes (and 24 hours of crying), I decided to pick three winners instead of one. All the memes posted were very funny and it was hard to make one person a winner. I appreciate all the effort everyone put in their memes, couldn't have asked for a better community. Moreover, congratulations to the following winners: