I genuinely like to introduce the community to @Inkzzz. He will be taking part of fadecloud's development team and he'll provide the skills needed for the network to grow. As of right now, he'll proceed on repairing damaged plugins. Fresh welcome to him!

Kind Regards,

Many are already aware of the current situation that occurred with our favorite staff member. I officially proclaim that SwiftSwamp will no longer be affiliated with fadecloud and reasons will be kept confidential. He was a great asset to the network and has helped shape it to what it appears today and therefor I thank him. All his work will forever be appreciated.

This does not mean that fadecloud will be any less of what it is today. We are recruiting a team with competence in which will help maintain network security and grow as a whole. A system admin has already been recruited to ensure that all goes well. In the future, you'll most likely to see a manager that will dynamically help improve the network and the community. I...
Hello Faders,

I'm certain a large portion of you have been informed about the End User Licence Agreement (EULA) and the chaos it has been causing to the majority of the minecraft servers. As of right now, We need more time to decide on what is going to happen and what we are going to change. In the meanwhile, I advise all players to stay on a 1.8.x client until further due notice. I can assure you fadecloud will not go down.

UPDATE (SwiftSwamp): Hey guys! So here's the plan, we are going to comply with the EULA, there's no way of getting around it, it would be stupid to try to "bypass" it, it's just overall a bad decision, there's no way of winning against something like this in court, after all we're making money off...