Greeting Faders,

Just over a week ago, we released some brand new features, and since then we have been working immensely hard on producing and improving features.

As stated in my previous server update thread, on behalf of the FadeCloud development team, we are continuously thinking, producing and improving our servers to make your enjoyment, a whole lot better. We are aiming to release brand new features each week.

This week we have a lot of updates for you guys...

Faction Top (Factions -> Globalized)

I have been working incredibly hard on improving our current Faction Top feature. As many of you know, it previously wasn't optimized,...
Hello Faders,

I'm happy to proclaim that OPFactions has been released on the exact time given. From now on, let this server provide you the vivid view of how things will run. Bugs will be tested to an extent and will be resolved before the server goes live.

OPFactions has a lot of old aspects you guys loved. We brought back the mine in which you can access by typing "/warp mine" in-game. This is one of the ways novice and new players can begin to make some mula.

Here are some features that you should be aware of and are subject to change overtime:
  • Worldborder - 15,000 x 15,000
  • Netherborder - 7,500 x 7,500
  • Obsidian's durability is 5 tnt hits
  • Bedrock's...
Hello Faders,

You've all been waiting for this. OPFactions will be live at 4 PM EST (Saturday, 8/27/16), if we encounter any issues we will be forced to push it another hour or two. More details about the reset will be posted tomorrow before the reset takes place.

Kinds Regards,
Hello Faders,

So recently, a video has surfaced that was made to publicly degrade the FadeCloud network. Not only was this video breaking privacy and trust, but it also was declaring many false accusations towards the FadeCloud community, staff, and administration. There is also a server (which we will not give the name of) that is solely built on the hate of FadeCloud. We will be discussing all of these issues on this thread. We are making this announcement in hopes that it is the last that this will be discussed.

Before we start, FadeCloud is fully compliant with the EULA and it will NOT shut down.

So without further ado, let’s get into this. We have compiled a few of the many things...