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Congratulations guys!

why does this not look centered on the main page wtf fix this @iPhony
Hey Guys, just a Forums update for you guys.

Ask Staff is going away. The reason behind this is because the concept of it was lost. Ask staff was supposed to have questions that were not in immediate need and it seems that more than 75% of the questions that were asked were for immediate issues.

However, there is a section on the forums that is dedicated to assisting people who may need immediate help. You can post any and all questions here and players and staff alike can comment on them. We are aiming to have any and all Help threads resolved within 24 hours of you guys posting them.

Here is the link that can take you to the Help section on the forums:
Hello Faders,

Slowly but surely, we will get back to our old player base. That being said, thank you so much for the ongoing support, I really appreciate it. Nonetheless, after tonight's reboot, you may notice a couple of spawners added to the /shop on the factions, survival and skyblock servers.
| Spawners
A little touch up to the spawner economy of the server, we've added 3 brand new spawners with custom drops! You can obtain these spawners, like any other spawner, by purchasing them in the shop.

On factions and survival, you can purchase...
Hello Faders, as some of you guys may know, there are some major issues going on outside of MC..

-People in Houston and surrounding areas were hit by Hurricane Harvey.
-Houston had a chemical plant explode just outside of the town, making living conditions worse
-Hurricane Irma, one of the largest and most destructive hurricanes in a long time, is currently going through Florida and will continue to hammer through the states north, or west until it has subsided. Lives have already been lost.
- There are major wildfires destroying forests, homes, and wildlife in California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming.
-Heat waves are hitting EU countries and California and are reaching record highs...