Greetings Faders,

As of today, I will be in charge of informing you on all our new and glorious updates! As you understand, we currently have a change log forum section - This will still be used, however, for large updates, you will be informed here. Please do stay aware of the change log section as it will be updated consistently.

Now that we have that out the way, let's get onto the updates...

Voting (Global)

Voting has been re-worked due to Mojangs' EULA policy update. As of now, all player's who vote will receive a voting token - This can be redeemed by issuing the command '/vote claim'. As...

A large portion of you can already tell that FadeCloud isn't at its best state. I'm personally going to devote all my time to ensure the rock from hitting the bottom. Starting now and into the foreseeable future, FadeCloud will always keep you updated on what's going on, accurate dates, updates, bugs, and more. I will likewise make sure to complete any tasks that require me solely to finish within 24 hours. That being said..

Factions. Many complaints have been reported on various issues. As of right now /ftop should be added, enabled and running smoothly without any performance damages. Custom enchantments still have some minor issues and the annoying teleport glitch that all faction members are familiar...
Hello Faders,

I have a couple of things to speak about.

EULA Compliance
In order for us to maintain compliant Mojang has asked us to remove rank missions and voting rewards due to their EULA. Mojang believes that voting is a hard currency and without say, we must follow. Therefore, were going to be using a new voting system where everyone receives a reward after X amount of votes. Once you vote you may type /vote claim to contribute your vote points into the voting rewards requirement. The rewards vary from server to server. Most servers need 200 votes to receive their global rewards and we'll deploy a variable to display the votes needed in the scoreboard very shortly. Please continue to vote occasionally...

Our forums have recently been hijacked by some individual. We have located the issue and are working on preventing it from occurring again. I and our system admin have restored all the data from our backups and are securing the whole network. Personally, I apologize for the inconvenience and downtime.

Best Regards,