Hey Faders,

Survival Reset
Survival is back up and running again. We ended up resetting it due to the numerous dupes and glitches. If you find any new bugs, please post a thread explaining how to reproduce the bug, with evidence of the bug happening and any other supporting evidence that you have here. The quicker you let us know of these dupes and glitches, the less likely we are to reset the server.

KitPvP Reset
We are also in the process of resetting KitPvP again. It should be a very quick reset. We are doing this in order to fix issues such as...
Hello Faders,

After some time, we've finally been able to push skywars out. It is not perfect nor fully complete. You should expect some bugs which will be resolved over the course of this month. Other then that enjoy the gamemode.

Why waste your time purchasing things from the shop? Test your luck with the magic barrel. There you can drop 2500 coins and have a chance to receive legendary items. Simply walk up to the barrel and right click it.

Use the skull in your hotbar to open up your skywars inventory. There you can find all of your unlocked kits, cages and arrow trails.

Hey Faders,

Staff of the Month
The results are in! The winner of the community Staff of the Month vote is @Kieran! Congrats, and keep up the good work! The reasons the community choose him for Staff of the Month are below.

  • Activity (especially on Skyblock)
  • Quick to react
  • No bias
  • Leadership skills
  • Keeping his cool
  • Balancing staff responsibilities and playtime
  • Friendly
  • Hardworking
Hello Faders,

I'm proclaiming the survival will be reset tomorrow, 3/24/17 at approximately 3:00 PM EST. Survival has been revamped completely.

We have removed survival ranks because they give too much of a prison feel. Moreover, we replaced them with jobs. Each player can join up to 2 jobs. You can earn more money as you increase your job level (Lv 100 Cap). To access the jobs GUI type /jobs or visit the jobs NPC.

Worldedit protection has been removed and replaced with protecting sponges. You can get a sponge from /kit sponge (2 Week...