Hello Faders,

The run for the top voter of February is now over. Congratulations to the following users:
  • @TheGoldUnited - $50 coupon
  • @Em4n0n - $50 coupon
  • @1300coupe - $50 coupon
  • @PineAppleBun_ - $50 coupon
  • @mineglave - $50 coupon
All users will receive a message/mail later tonight on the forums & in-game (hub1) which displays your $50 coupon code. For all those other users who have been constantly voting, thank you! best of luck next month.
Hello Faders,

After tonight's reboot we will be implementing bounties onto the network. You can now set a precise price on your foes head and if desired, others can likewise include onto the price. Moreover, after killing a person with a bounty on their head, you will need to collect it through the primary /bounty command.


You may also notice the new NPC on each server. He will open up the same GUI as /bounty.
Hey faders,

Punishments were officially wiped today! Good luck with your second chances for those of you who didn't have a clean slate before. For those of you who had a clean slate, congrats, you survived til wipe. Can you do it again?

Almost everyone was unbanned, however people banned for chargeback, extreme and blatant toxicity or drama or anything else deemed as a problem to the Administration team will/have been rebanned.

Chargeback Bans
Unfortunately, if you were banned for an unresolved chargeback, you need to resolve it if you would like to be welcome to our network again.

You can make a donation inquiry and ask what was chargedback, the amount, transaction id, etc and either pay it back by...
Hey Faders,

We have decided to change the punishments for mute and ban evasions again due to the issues we have found with the old way we did things.

Ban Evasions
If you are evading a ban, you will now be punished for the remainder of the original ban. If an Admin approves your purchase of an unban, all accounts that are banned for evading will be unbanned as well.

Mute Evasions
If you are evading a mute, you will now be punished for the remainder of the original mute.

Shared IPs
If you are banned or muted for evasion and are not responsible for the original punishment, please make...