Hello Faders,

We ran into some chunk issues. We'll make another post as soon as the issue is resolved. Expect a downtime kit.

Kind regards,
FadeCloud staff team
Hey guys! KingKai here again,​

I wanted to make a post on the home page to update you guys on an existing rule that we have:

"Alternative accounts are prohibited. You are only allowed one account per IP."​

This means that if you are banned from the forums you can no longer make an alternate account to appeal for your ban. You can have a friend appeal for you or you can appeal by emailing our support at Support@FadeCloud.com

These rules were re-made around the end of January but some people didn't get a chance to see them. I hope that by putting them here in the post you guys can familiarize yourselves with them​

Any questions? Just PM me or another staff member....​
Hello Faders,

Skyblock was not updated in a while, therefore, we decided to deploy three new unique pets. These new pets will be live on the servers after a reboot. The following were deployed:
  • Zombie Pigman - Strength III Boost @ level 5
  • Rabbit - Jump III Boost @ level 5
  • Bat - Resistance III Boost @ level 5
These pets are accessible through the pet master NPC or through the command /pets. You will be required x amount of exp to purchase new pets and to upgrade them. This update will also take place on the survival server.

Unfortunately, the maps that were created for skywars did not meet your...