Hello Faders,
@iPhony has developed something special and requested by many. Kits that are obtained from crates, our webstore, and the shop in-game are now in a physical item form. If you receive these kits twice from crates, you can sell them to others or just trade them with a friend.


This small update should take effect upon server reboot.
Hello Faders,
The developers and I have been working extremely hard to bring in new content. Please note that the hover plugin will be deployed globally soon. it is currently on most servers.

Hover Chat
We've brought a new feature that was requested by some players. This will help detect those players with a nickname who say something bad in chat then quickly nickname themselves to something else. Moreover, this plugin also displays some basic information about a player. All you need to do is hover over someone's name or rank and it should display information.

You can also click a players name to display the same information. In...
Hello FadeCloud!

This post is a little update on a couple of changes within the staff team. As many of you know, below are the recently promoted admins who have proven to be highly eligible and great at leadership, communication, and teamwork.
@Presented @smartis2

Also, congratulations to our new helpers who have shown potential and great effort so far.


In addition, I will add on another change which is Sr. Mod. This is a forum...
Hey Faders,

We are sorry if you have been a victim of a false ban from the new anti-cheat. The Administration Team had reason to believe that it was extremely accurate, but you guys have proved us wrong in some cases.

If you have been banned by the anti-cheat, please make an appeal and it will be accepted. This goes for all cases before I receive confirmation that the bugs reported have been patched. We also are accepting appeals for those of you who have been denied due to our believing that the anti-cheat was accurate at the time.

We need your help to try and provide the best PVP experiences for our players here on...