Hello Faders,

I'm proud to introduce the new boosters that will be taking part of the network after tonight's reboot. These boosters will help you grind and obtain more experience over a short amount of time. Nonetheless, these boosters apply to your whole factions, your whole skyblock team, or just you personally depending on the server you have the booster on.


Boosters are currently only purchasable in the webstore...​
Hello Faders,

The run for the top voter of November is now over. Congratulations to the following users:
All users will receive a message/mail on the forums & in-game (hub1) which displays your $50 coupon code. For all those other users who have been constantly voting, thankyou! best of luck next month.

Kind regards,
FadeCloud Staff Team
Hey Faders,

We are making a change to the way that appeals currently work. You can now appeal after serving 6 months of a permanent ban for most offenses. In order to be able to sort through these appeals quicker, we ask that the title of your appeal says 6 months in it. Admins will be the only ones who can accept or deny these appeals. Not all appeals will be accepted.

Reasons to Have Appeals Denied
  • Chargebacks that have not been resolved.
  • Massive hate towards the server, it's staff or its...
Hey Faders,

This week's event will be hosted on the Creative Server! If you would like to participate in the event, create a unique holiday-themed plot and submit it in the comments below. You will need to submit your plot by Sunday at 12:00 p.m. EST. The results will be given sometime shortly after that.

There will be 3 winners of this event, with varying prizes. The format is below.

Who helped you build this plot?:
Plot ID:
What makes your plot unique?:
Screenshots of Plot:

Good luck to our greatest FadeCloud Roleplayers. Can't wait to see what you have in store for me!