Hey Faders,

Welcome to the "Knock Out" event! Special thanks to @Camel for the event idea!
(Special thanks as well to @cc519, @David, and @Chattinq for helping, too)

Anyways, the event is "knock out". The event will be on the KitPvP server @ /warp event!

What is knock out? Knock out will be an event where players will be dropped down onto a 15x15 platform in which they will have to attempt to knock all other players off the platform. Last person on the platform wins!

A look at the platform:

There will be four rounds. The rounds will be iron, gold, diamond, and emerald. The screenshot above is an example of the iron platform....
Hello Faders,

With recent development, a new gifting plugin has been implemented! Gifting is simple, it's a basic way to send items to your friends(or foes)... even if they are offline! Keep in mind that you can't gift items cross-network; so say you are on factions, you cannot send a stack of obsidian over to prison and vice versa. This new system will be on every server, and it now supports sending mob spawners as well as custom items (custom enchants & names).


This awesome new system is accessible via:
/gift send <name> - this command sends the item you are currently holding...
Hey Faders,

Welcome to once again another event this weekend! This one is going to be a very special one. It will be a parkour event, but not your average one! To go to it, please go on Creative type /warp Parkour. The event will start on Saturday @ midnight (CST) and will end the next day at midnight (CST) so feel free to stop by anytime!

It will consists of 10 levels (13 total checkpoints) and will have a prize at the very end for the very lucky people who complete it! The prize has not yet been determined. Players will have all day to make the most out of this event! Please note that this is not a beginners parkour, and is considered VERY challenging.

Notes before beginning:
- Please use /sethome to set a checkpoint. (Will...
Hello Faders,

You all may not know me, but I have recently been taken on as a developer by the administration team here at FadeCloud. I go by Borawski, and have been chosen to make really cool game content for you all to enjoy! I really look forward to the future and the relationships I am going to develop with all of you. I really love creativity and read ALL suggestions given to me; I implore you all to give me your utmost creative ideas for new game content. Don't be shy, and make sure that you say hi - I don't byte ;)...