Hello Faders,
After finally finding the problem with the skyblock lag, we have managed to make some time to update the servers. Note that the skyblock performance issues will be resolved shortly. In the meantime we have released a couple of new features on the factions and prison server. (Some changes might need a reboot).

Factions Upgrade // OPFactions Server
Maximize your faction overall power with these new upgrades. After making a decent amount of money, you will be able to increase your faction member limit, power, exp earned and more! There is a variety of 7 faction upgrades each giving a different perk.

To access the main menu, type /f upgrades in-game. You must...
Hello Faders

We have refined the survival server to ensure stability, a progressive gamemode and a fixed claim plugin. This is only an reset announcement post, the feature / modification post will be posted on the same day as its release.

Release Date: Saturday (February 17, 2018) @ approximately 5 PM EST
Date subject to change if we run into issues.

Kind regards,
FadeCloud Development Team
Hey what up guys, it's ya boy ᵘʰʰ..... ThatDJ aka Greeted. Most hated staff on this server. Anyways, I'm here to announce the official 1v1 PvP Tournament that will be taking place on the KitPvP server.

| Information
Simple enough: Everyone's names that chose to participate will be put in raffle. 2 names will be drawn at a time and those two people will be fighting. Winner advances. New armor and full inventory of potions will be given every round you advance. (Speed will not be a problem since there will be a beacon.)

It will start on Saturday, February 24, at 3 PM EST.

| Gear Usage
You will be given a full set of Diamond armor:
x1 Diamond...
Hello Faders,
I hope everyone is having a remarkable day, as you all know valentines is tomorrow. For those players who do not have a valentines tomorrow, fadecloud has got you covered! We've added some new features, titles, and kits to celebrate valentines day.

Cupid Mew <3
You all know our beloved santamew, he had to go because Christmas is over BUT he called up his good buddy cupidmew. Cupidmew will be giving out free gifts for the rest of the month. You can find him @ every server spawn. You will receive 1 gift per day per server.

Valentines Day Gkit
We had one for christmas...