Hello Faders,

I am excited to proclaim the new features that are currently on the server. These features should be live sometime during tonight's reboot. Moreover, I am glad to showcase the following:

| Stacked Spawners
This feature was already displayed in one of our previous posts but we failed to deploy it on time. There were numerous other bugs that occurred (which are now resolved) and therefore we wanted to make sure and verify that this plugin comes out perfect on the live servers. It is currently on skyblock in case we find more issues but this plugin will eventually be on all servers.

| Mini Looters
We are constantly thinking of new ways to make it easier...
NEWS Fragments
Hello Faders,

As most of you know already, fragments and generators have been added onto Skyblock 1 and Skyblock 2. This new feature was added to give skyblock a new twist. To access the generators, simply get the required amount of fragments, do /generator or use the Engineer at spawn and buy the generator.

To retrieve fragments, you need to kill hostile mobs (mobs that attack you i.e. blaze, zombie, skeleton). There is a low, but reasonable chance that the mob will drop a random fragment. In the future, fragments may be given in other ways, such as crates and quests. You are able to have a maximum of 5 generators on each island.

Generators appear as chests with a hologram on top of them showing what type of...
Hello Faders,

Hope you guys are already enjoying the Skyblock reset. The new additions will surely add a twist into this season. More updates will be added soon, such as stacked spawners. We just need to finish a few little things then it will be deployed. Vouchers will be given out later tonight or tomorrow.

| Top Skyblock Destiny Islands
Hello Faders,

There have been multiple issues, consistent lag, broken economy and more on skyblock. Therefore, we are resetting, so get ready for a new season. We have made major changes to the server to ensure that these current on-going issues do not appear in the next season. In addition, we are going to be deploying new aspects to the server. The reset will take place on Thursday, 5/4/17 at approximately 6 PM EST.

| Ore Generators
That's right. This upcoming season we are adding ore generators into play. This new feature allows you to AFK and it will generate ores that you can either sell or...