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That concludes today's wave of Helper Applications.
If you applied and unfortunately were not accepted today please do not be disheartened and please do apply in 2 weeks time, we're always looking for newbies to join the staff team.

New staff are as follows:

@Prua | Player ---> Helper
@Luke | Player --->...​
Hello Faders,

As you can see from the title we have revamped the two plugins listed above. These updates should be rolled out onto the servers and good to go.

| Skyblock Pets 3.0
Lets face it, the last pet revamp didnt go so well. We didnt fully think it through. With the new version you will be able to obtain pets through grinding out skulls. Each pet has its own action, some actions can be a mob coin boost, exp boost and also a drop boost. To access the main pets menu and to view your skull balance type /pets in-game.


Each pet has a...
Hello Faders,

[ ! ] BACK ONLINE [ ! ]

Our core spawners plugin is causing unbearable lag, it will take a couple of hours until the devs are awake for it to be fixed so until then the SKYBLOCK server will stay down. We will have a medium sized DP once the server is back online!

Please bear with us
- DaddyMew
Hello Faders,
The run for the top voter of July is now over. Congratulations to the following users:

Also congratulations to the following players who were top 5 in island top value (Season #7):

  • @LoveMeDad - $300 giftcard
  • @__NinjaKing__ - $150 giftcard
  • @AlexandraHS - $100 giftcard
  • @Sevs - $25 giftcard...