ASK-STAFF Ask Staff 09-25-17
Hello, Faders!
I'm doing today's ask staff as you can see if you have any questions PM me.

Q: My factions is going to be automatically disbanded in 29days. But yesterday HW006 who was owner left the fac to try “inside” so he made MasterFra_ owner. Then MasterFra_ got banned for 30days. This means our fac is going to get disbannded. Can you PLEASE make PvP_slayerzz owner or HW006 owner so the fac don’t get disbanded as it isn’t our fault.
A: You need permission from the faction owner and then an admin will make you the faction owner.
Credit: @PvP_slayer

Hello Faders,

| How this will work
We will have a ladder of slots fit for 1 player each. Staff will vote on players by placing either a green or red wool in-front of their slot space.
  • Green meaning that you're safe and will continue onto the next stage.
  • Red meaning that you are eliminated from that point on.
| When this will take place
This will take place Saturday (9/30/17) 2 pm EST on the creative server at my plot. To access my plot type this command in-game:
/p h Greeted 3
Hello Faders,

Slowly but surely, we will get back to our old player base. That being said, thank you so much for the ongoing support, I really appreciate it. Nonetheless, after tonight's reboot, you may notice a couple of spawners added to the /shop on the factions, survival and skyblock servers.
| Spawners
A little touch up to the spawner economy of the server, we've added 3 brand new spawners with custom drops! You can obtain these spawners, like any other spawner, by purchasing them in the shop.

On factions and survival, you can purchase...
Hello Faders, as some of you guys may know, there are some major issues going on outside of MC..

-People in Houston and surrounding areas were hit by Hurricane Harvey.
-Houston had a chemical plant explode just outside of the town, making living conditions worse
-Hurricane Irma, one of the largest and most destructive hurricanes in a long time, is currently going through Florida and will continue to hammer through the states north, or west until it has subsided. Lives have already been lost.
- There are major wildfires destroying forests, homes, and wildlife in California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming.
-Heat waves are hitting EU countries and California and are reaching record highs...