Hey guys so about 2 weeks ago we had a competition start up to where you guys, the community, would come together in small teams and build a map for Skywars to be featured on the map!

Well last week we started the poll and we ran into some issues. People were not being too kind to eachother during the 48 hour voting period and it was causing a lot of drama. I personally would like to apologize for that. I really did not see this bringing up so many fights within the community. I wanted it to be a fun and fair competition.

After I saw the drama and fighting it brought, along with the cheating, I thought it would be best to leave it to the staff team to vote for the best map.

Ultimately it came down to Poke__King and...
Hello Faders,

Today's event has been a major success thanks to our host @Greeted. We are going to be hosting similar events on the network over time so everyone still has a chance of winning free buycraft vouchers and legendary keys. Nonetheless, one team has shown remarkable pvp skills and ultimately have won the red rover event. Congratulations to them!

| Event Winners
  • @Elllis (Team Captain) - $50 Voucher
  • @Endeh - x1 Legendary Key (Skyblock Luminous)
  • @WqC - x1 Legendary Key (Factions)
  • @LeChapo - x1 Legendary Key (Factions)
  • @Sit - x3 Kits...
Hey guys cx xD ;3 =] It's me, the mod everyone hates!

After seeing the poll for the events, without it even being open for 12 hours, it's apparent that Red Rover was the event everyone wanted, and everyone is getting it. This Saturday at 3 pm EST, the Red Rover event will take place on the KitPvP server.

| Information
There will be 2 team captains (or 4 depending on how many people sign up/register.) and they will choose who they want on their team. Each team captain will choose a member from their team to fight against the other. The winner of that battle will proceed onto fighting members of the opposite team until...