We're near approaching the 25th of December, for most of us, this is a time of happiness, fun and food! FadeCloud has decided to host a simple Scavenger hunt with plenty of rewards as a thank you for sticking with us and a Merry Christmas from the staff team and I.
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Over the upcoming days, the Admins and I will be placing 3 'Snowmen' around the Network every day leading up Christmas (the 25th of December), this includes the hub, Factions, Creative, Survival, Skyblock, Prison and KitPvP Spawns. Each Snowman will have a sign attached to its base that will display a word,...

The staff wave is now complete. Thank you to everyone who applied, we had a much better roster than the prior wave. If you were denied don't feel down, please reapply in 2 weeks time.

The following members were promoted:

xKarina | Player ---> Helper
4EyesMC | Player ---> Helper
Kungfoos | Player ---> Helper
ImTwist | Player ---> Helper
Dworks | Player ---> Helper
Ummuna | Player ---> Helper

BootyHadMeLike | Helper ---> Moderator

Kind Regards,
FadeCloud Management​

Introducing the second Factions event. Get your factions ready, gather your gear, the raid event has started! In order to win this event, you must be the first Faction to break through the walls of the pre-existing base that has been created by @Luke and I. Once the base has been broken into you should find a chest with a bedrock admin item named "Raid Event Winner!". The member of your faction who has this admin item is the winner and will receive the reward, whether they decide to share the reward with their faction is up to them. To claim the prize you must message me on Discord (Chrisbeg#0001) showing proof that you are the winner, we will arrange to meet...


This the time to be jolly.. *cringe*
The developers and I have been working immensely hard for this update. Hence this is my favorite holiday, I am giving every single one of you guys a free daily gift. The rewards vary from money to crates, from exp to spawners and more! You may only be able to claim one gift per account meaning if you claim a gift on prison, you wont be able to grab another gift from factions. Furthermore, You must wait a [COLOR=rgb(255, 77,...