Hello Faders,
After weeks of hard work, bug fixes and updating, we have finally finished the kitpvp revamp. It consists of many new features and systems. The server will continue to update after making this thread. We will be adding multiple events that will make pvp activity higher then it already is. We call this revamp "the hole" rawr xd. Furthermore, the following are the new implemented features that are currently live:

Post the view and name the title "FadeCloud KitPvP Revamp" and we will choose one winner out of random to receive a $50 buycraft voucher + obsidian rank.

Hello Faders,
Sorry for the massive delay, its midterms week. The run for the top voter of February is now over. Due to delays, We've doubled the vote rewards this month. Congratulations to the following users:

Top Voters
  • @Gamend_Man - $100 coupon
  • @magica_killer - $100 coupon
  • @kanjuros - $100 coupon
  • @TheWolf_7 - $100 coupon
  • @Dr4g0nHunt3r - $100 coupon
All users will receive a message/mail later tonight on the forums & in-game (hub1) which displays your $100 coupon code. For all those other users who have been constantly voting, thank you! best of luck next month.
Hello Faders,
The top faction leaders will receive the voucher through hub1 and on the forums through message. Congratulations to all the leaders listed & better luck next time to everyone currently playing.

Top Factions Season 4

  • #1 Karma - $500 Buycraft Voucher - [Owner] @Mr3b
  • #2 WhiteBox - $250 Buycraft Voucher - [Owner] @xLeMjwoD
  • #3 Thymans - $100 Buycraft Voucher - [Owner] @NuttedOn
  • #4 BlackBox - $50 Buycraft Voucher - [Owner] @ErixenIsTrash
  • #5 Kryptic - $25 Buycraft...
Hello Faders
This is only an reset announcement post, the feature / modification post will be posted on the same day as its release. The f top competition will end Thursday (March 8, 2018) @ 12 PM EST.

Release Date: Friday (March 9, 2018) @ approximately 5 PM EST
Date subject to change if we run into issues.

Kind regards,
FadeCloud Development Team