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| Important Factions Announcement

Due to players keeping spawners in their player vaults or ender chests until the end of the season then placing them up, we will be implementing a new plugin to prevent you from doing so.

Before Friday September 21st, 2018 Each player must take out their spawners from their player vaults and enderchests or they will lose them for the entire season. Administrators will not be removing spawners from those enderchests and playervaults after the due date. This plugin does the following to spawners:
  1. You cannot place spawners in /pv.
  2. You cannot place spawners in enderchests.
Again, you have until Friday...

Today’s helper application wave is now complete, any applications posted after this announcement will not be reviewed until the next wave - 10/1/18.

Due to the nature of summer pretty much being finished, school starting for most people, applications submitted are at a low. Unfortunately, we haven’t seemed to find many applications/applicants we see fit for the role of staff at FadeCloud the past month. I urge that if you are thinking of applying to please read this thread posted by yours truly (https://fadecloudmc.com/forums/threads/staff-requirements-and-info.69388/#post-312983). Not only will It help you with your application, it will prevent myself and the...
We're hosting a fadecloud meme competition. To enter you must post a meme in the general discussion section and we will be choosing one winner. The winner will receive $100 giftcard which can be used @ store.fadecloud.com

The meme has to be fadecloud related only! You can also post multiple memes. Those who do not follow the format below will be disqualified.

In-game username: < in-game username here >
Meme: <Picture here>

In general discussion post a thread called "MEME COMP // <your username here>"

You guys have until Friday the 21st....

Welcome to our next competition based on the server Creative.

We’ve seen that Creative isn’t getting as much love as some of the other servers, therefore we’ve decided to try and add some friendly competition to the mix in order to bring some more people back onto this classic sub-server. There will be three winners, all chosen by the Administrators meaning staff members under Administrator rank are able to participate if interested. This event will last until September 30th and winners will be announced on the October 1st.

Prizes are as follows:

1ST WINNER: $100 Gift Card + #BlameChris Title + Build Displayed near spawn
2ND WINNER: $50 Gift Card + #BlameChris...