Hello Faders,

Just a small announcement, we are currently running a 85% black friday sale until this up coming Monday. We will not have a large sale like this anytime soon after its over. Furthermore, keep your eyes on the forums tomorrow, we're going to announce our 3rd skyblock server.

Kind regards,
FadeCloud Administrator Team
Hello Faders,
Some of you may have heard that we recently added in a new rule. Players can no longer auto mine on prison and players who are caught auto mining will be given a punishment. Auto mining can be any sort of afk and mining system. This includes macros that are being used to automine, The f11 automine technique, and all other forms.

We want prison to be progressive and played right. It is not fair for players who have been grinding without afking. This rule will begin tomorrow at 8 PM EST.

ยป Sell Macros
On the other note, we will also be banning auto sell macros on skyblock, factions and survival. This rule will...
Hello Faders,

The run for the top voter of October is now over. Im extremely sorry for the delay in this post, regardless congratulations to the following users:

| Top Voters
  • @Franko812 - $50 coupon
  • @windwalkerpv - $50 coupon
  • @Kimeplays5311 - $50 coupon
  • @dr4g0nhunt3r - $50 coupon
  • @SHADOW3RS - $50 coupon
All users will receive a message/mail later tonight on the forums & in-game (hub1) which displays your $50 coupon code. For all those other users who have been constantly voting, thank you! best of luck next month.
Hey Guys! I kept the poll up a little longer than expected.
All is good though as I had the post moved so it couldn't receive any more votes while I looked over them

Lets bring in the results!


Moontaxi @ 15 votes!
50$ Buycraft Voucher will be given to you shortly. (i need your forums name please)


@Duck_Boat @ 11 Votes!
30$ Buycraft Voucher will be given to you shortly.