EVENT Build Event!
Hello Faders,

Its Kungfoos and Greeted, we are here to announce our newest event coming up this next Saturday (8/19). This event will be a special build competition. This event will be hosted on @15TheGrease's Plot at 2pm EST. If you wish to participate please post below your IGN. Sign-ups for this event will be closed Friday at 3pm EST.

Procedure: Each round will consist of 8 builders. The builders will be given a few blocks that they can use to build. You can only build with the blocks we give to you to create your structure or building.We will give the builders a theme to base their build off of or recreate. Each builder...
Hello Faders,

Sorry for the delay with this announcement. The top faction leaders will receive the voucher through hub1 and on the forums through message. Congratulations to all the leaders listed & better luck next time to everyone currently playing.

| Top Factions Season 3
  • #1 Kryptic - $500 Buycraft Voucher - [Owner] @Lee234
  • #2 Febreze - $250 Buycraft Voucher - [Owner] @GoFlex_
  • #3 Visa - $100 Buycraft Voucher - [Owner] @TacoBellExpert
  • #4 Karma - $50 Buycraft Voucher - [Owner] @Mr3b
  • #5 Gang - $25 Buycraft Voucher - [Owner] @Elllis
All vouchers should be...
Hello Faders,

Sorry for the delay with this post. The development team has been grinding these past couple of days. These updates specifically aim for factions players but will appear on skyblock as well (excluding sand buckets).

Factions Changelog: https://goo.gl/t1GCoU

| Enchant Cubes

You may have remember this from a couple of resets back. They essentially help you increase the chance of activating a custom enchantment in pvp. You can purchase these cubes with experience using the /enchanter command. Moreover, there are 4...
Hello Faders,

The factions season is over with Kryptic taking over the cloud. There have been multiple issues which we resolved and will not be seen next season. Moreover, we have brought many new features to this upcoming reset. Keep an eye on the forums because these aspects will be proclaimed tomorrow on the front page.

| Important Date

Reset will take place on:

Saturday, August 12th 2017
3 PM EST (Approximately)

| Reset...