We've been working on this reset for sometime now. including multiple new features, revamps and an overall better experience. We took note that it was very p2w last season and we want to make it better for all user experience. There for we have made major changes in the factions gameplay. Lets get to the updates:

Reset Time: Saturday 11/10/18 - 5 PM EST

| Enchantments
Over 120+ new custom enchantments including new tier enchants called soul and dragon. These 2 tiers are the highest tier enchants you can use and are only obtainable from bosses (read below), envoys and koths....

Top Voters rewards are means for the Management and Staff to provide rewards to the community as a thank you for the continued support and incentive to stay as a crucial member of the community. The following users have supported the server by voting most days this month and therefore have received the top voters rewards.

They are as follows -

1st | benjigenji ($50 Store Coupon)
2nd | Alpha01xD ($50 Store Coupon)
3rd | paulredmk ($50 Store Coupon)
4th | IcyLord ($50 Store Coupon)
5th | AwwsomeVinn ($50 Store Coupon)

All winners will be privately messaged on the forums shortly with a code to use on our store. Any winners without a forums account should check their /mail in hub1...​

After a long list of applications submitted, I've now finally read, reviewed and accepted or denied your application. Unexpectedly, this wave was a pretty big one with many qualified applicants, if you weren't accepted please don't feel down - re apply in 2 weeks or whenever you feel ready.


That brings us onto today's promotions, they are as follows:

iiQueenie | Moderator ---> Sr.Moderator
Eivu | Moderator ---> Sr.Moderator
xKarina | Helper ---> Moderator

Soccerstar2 | Player ---> Helper
Pineapqles | Player ---> Helper
Savvo | Player ---> Helper
Vagued | Player ---> Helper
Lumina | Player ---> Helper
BootyHadMeLike | Player ---> Helper

Thank you to...​

After high demand prison is now resetting after around 4 months! Mew and Developers have been working really hard on this one to try and create unique content that will hopefully provide you guys with hours of fun. Our theme for this reset is Sea, Fish and Sand as you'll be able to see from the amazing spawn that has been built for us. With that being said the following date and time prison will be when the server is up for all you guys to mine away.


We've tried to change and implement plenty of changes to our old prison update, hopefully attracting existing and old players back to play...