We hope to see you in game!
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We hope to see you in game!
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08 Feb
Prison Reset - Season #17 PapaMew

Prison Season #17
February 13th / 4 PM EST / Saturday
Click Here to view the count down until reset!

Paypal Rewards [/gang top]
All vouchers expire after the week they are handed out. You can keep track of top gangs with /g top.

• Place #1 - $50 Paypal + $30 Buycraft
• Place #2 - $35 Paypal + $20 Buycraft
• Place #3 - $15 Paypal + $15 Buycraft
• Place #4 - $15 Buycraft
• Place #5 - $10 Buycraft
Rebirth Top Rewards
Rewards that you can obtain at the end of the season!

• Place #1 - $75 Buycraft
(wow i have used this logo a lot today)

Hey guys! I just wanted to bring you a few major changes to the FadeCloud Network!

First of all. I want to congratulate @Braddddd for being Promoted to Sr. Moderator!
This man clocked over 50 hours of active time in less than half a month (I gave up counting hours after 13 days) and has a very good record with helping people and moderating players!

Staff Requirements Changes.
We have discussed this in the past and we realize that Forums is not a viable way to see if a player is active within the community. We rely more on discord as its faster for communication from players to other players alike. So we have taken away the forums post requirement and changed a few requirements around. There is one BIG change though...


You now have to prove that you are active in game. If you are unsure how to prove that then let me explain.
First. In game, you have to type a message in global chat. After that, if you hover over your name some basic information will pop up.
At the very bottom of this information panel you will see "Hours". This is what you need a Screenshot of. As...

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