BETA RELEASE TIME: 4 PM EST - June 11, 2022

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Beta Information

This is a brand new gamemode, never seen before on minecraft so we are taking the time to make sure it is fully balanced. With your help we can achieve this!

We will be running the beta for the next 3 days and it will end on June 13, 2022. An official announcment will be made as soon as the beta is over!

Any bugs / suggestions will need to be forwarded on discord!


Each zone has different mobs with different tiers (Common, Rare, Legendary). Each tier has more HP but will also grant you more souls and money!

For beta we are going to release seven zones for you to grind through and up on release we will be adding a brand new zone each week as people progress further and further!


AFK Zones

Can't play because you have other plans? No problem! Each zone has its own AFK section where you can hit a mob with UNLIMITED health!

There is also no need for autoclickers since we've developed our own way of automatic grinding!


Purchasable Swords

Throughout your adventure you'd want to deal more damage to the dungeon mobs... That's possible! Spend the money you get by killing mobs on new and better swords!

We've also created more custom skins for these swords to make it look even more fabulous! Don't forget to turn on the texturepack!



Enchant your sword with custom enchants to get different abilities on your sword to deal more damage, gain more souls, gain keys and so much more!

These enchants are player bound and will transfer to your new sword upon purchase!



Get pets that give you multipliers for different uses such as souls, money, boosters, etc...

Select pets from your pet storage to equip and activate them. Pets will now follow you around while you're grinding monsters!


Ranks / Prestiges

In order to move on to the next zone you'll have to rankup! You won't be able to hit any monster if you're not the correct rank. Ranks are purchased with in-game money.

Prestiges are used to unlock new features. For example you'll need to be a specific prestige to enchant certain enchants. Prestiging also grants you gems which can be used in the gemshop!


That is all, we hope to see you there and with your help we can bring a new genre of gamemodes to minecraft!