Evasion bans have been causing a huge amount of confusion in the community recently due to a few small changes that we have decided to impose. I will be explaining about them.

We have decided to make these changes to the way evasion bans are dealt with for many reasons. The main reason is because of how easy it was for the proof of you having a sibling to be forged. By simply making 2 accounts fight each other you could send your friend your password, Resulting in us not being able to tell wether it was your sibling or not. Users could also use hack clients and PvP themselves using kill aura. Thus we have made these changes to the way evasion bans are being settled.

What's changed?
The main thing that has changed is that once a staff member provides proof of you having another account that is banned on your IP, you will not be able to appeal. You may also not purchase an unban while being banned for evasion. You must wait for a 30 days for the ban to expire. Once this evasion ban had expired you are then allowed to appeal for the account that was permanently banned or buy an unban on the store after asking an Admin for permission. Once you have been unbanned for evasion you will not be rebanned for evasion. If you are, feel free to appeal.

I hope this has made evasion bans more clear your faithfully en5ads.
Hello Faders,

I've made a horrible mistake with McMMO which made it overpowered and unfair in gameplay. Therefore, we are resetting McMMO on all servers and making it balanced again which will also resolve most issues. All McMMO skills will be capped at 1,000. Moreover, everyone will receive a "McMMOReset" kit and the top grinders will receive an additional reward. The top McMMO Grinders are the following people:

* Skyblock Destiny *
SpacemannHD: 15830
JuicyBlackBoy: 14688
TheRedRainbowZ: 14046

* Skyblock Luminous *
Demolition316: 22648
FadingSouls_: 20124
NetflixAndChill_: 18917

* Factions *
TrenchX: 24380
That_Guy_James: 19598
Soccertrey2: 18734

* Survival *
scourge313: 12187
unknown1985: 9071
Cjsimpso: 6387​

By the end of each season, we will begin to reward users for being the top players on the network. Meaning, if you're top 3 on the /is top, /f top, and /mctop, you'll be receiving a voucher and a title for getting there.

Kind regards,
FadeCloud Staff Team.
Hey Faders,

I'm proud to announce that @MedKey and myself will be hosting an event on the Creative server. The event will be Hide and Seek!

The event will be on Saturday, December 31, 2016 @ 4:00 PM EST!

Hide and Seek is self explanatory but in summary, this event will play out like so. There will be 2 seekers and an unlimited amount of hiders. Hiders will have 10 minutes to find a spot and hide before seekers come and find them. There will be two halves for each event.

The first half will be a maze. Seekers will have to go through the maze and find hiders. The last hider wins!
The second half will be a normal hide. Seekers will travel the map and find hiders. The last hider wins!

The first half of the event will be at /warp Event1 and the second half of the event will be at /warp Event2

There will be a prize for the last 3 hiders remaining (Winner can only pick one):

There will also be a prize for the seeker who finds the most players (Winner can only pick one):

To attend the event, please fill out the following format. Only players who fill out the format and comment will be registered to attend the event.

Would you like to be a hider or seeker?

We will select randomly two people that would like to be a seeker through a randomizer. If you are not chosen to be a seeker, then you will automatically be placed as a hider.

If you would like to come and talk while the event is going on,...