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Hello Faders,

We've been working extra hard on these upcoming resets and we wanted to push a little update in the meantime. We have added daily quests onto both skyblock servers, survival and factions. The reason behind why only those three servers are because you are limited in what you can do on other gamemodes. Quests will vary from breaking blocks to earning experience. Moreover, you can visit the quest master at spawn to begin your daily quests.

Once you complete a quest you will receive a loot bag. You can complete three quests per day giving you three loot bags. To open up the loot bag merely right click it and you will receive your reward....

Hey Faders,

Today I chose to answer some of the questions you have all asked recently. I will do my best to answer them as best as possible.

If you have a question you would like answered then check out this thread.



Q: Im banned for saying something to a...
Hey Faders,

There have been some changes to the rules for mute evasion. You will no longer get muted for communicating with players in-game while being muted (/m, party chat, signs, plot chat etc). However, if you break any rules when speaking in /m, party chat or on signs etc when you're muted, you will be banned for the rule you violate. So if you for example PM something racist to someone while muted, you will get banned for 2 weeks, since the punishment for racism is a 2 week mute (first offense).

If you use an alternative account to evade your mute, it will be muted for the remainder of the mute on your main account. Both your main and alt account will get banned if you...
Hello Faders,

This week I’ll clear up some of the questions in the ask staff section, which can be found here.

Q: What is the difference of Global Ranks and Legacy Ranks ?
A: Global ranks are cosmetic ranks, they have perks such as trails, the ability to have a nickname and a lot of chat perks (like bypassing chat cooldown, colored chat etc). You can see all the perks...