Hey Faders,

I'm proud to announce that @MedKey and myself will be hosting an event on the Creative server. The event will be Hide and Seek!

The event will be on Saturday, December 31, 2016 @ 4:00 PM EST!

Hide and Seek is self explanatory but in summary, this event will play out like so. There will be 2 seekers and an unlimited amount of hiders. Hiders will have 10 minutes to find a spot and hide before seekers come and find them. There will be two halves for each event.

The first half will be a maze. Seekers will have to go through the maze and find hiders. The last hider wins!
The second half will be a normal hide. Seekers will travel the map and find hiders. The last hider wins!

The first half of the event will be at /warp Event1 and the second half of the event will be at /warp Event2

There will be a prize for the last 3 hiders remaining (Winner can only pick one):

There will also be a prize for the seeker who finds the most players (Winner can only pick one):

To attend the event, please fill out the following format. Only players who fill out the format and comment will be registered to attend the event.

Would you like to be a hider or seeker?

We will select randomly two people that would like to be a seeker through a randomizer. If you are not chosen to be a seeker, then you will automatically be placed as a hider.

If you would like to come and talk while the event is going on, there will be a "Hide and Seek" channel on the Teamspeak!

Possible Seekers:
@Luis Busto


From my understanding, a lot of players use public accounts from websites, mostly to AFK on skyblock and on other servers. However, no one seems to be aware of the consequences that come with using them. Therefore I am making this thread to explain what can happen.

If the account you are using already has been punished on Fade, your main account will receive a punishment as well. As long as the account is on the same IP as you, the account technically belongs to you and therefore you will be punished for the thing the account has been punished for.

If the account has been muted, your main, and other accounts on the same IP will be muted for mute evasion. Same thing if the account has been banned, the other accounts on the same IP will be banned for ban evasion. (The accounts that have been used to evade will be punished. If there are other accounts on the same IP which has not been used for it, they will not be punished).

Just to make things clear, the account can have been punished before you start using it, but it can also be punished after you have started to use it. Just because it has not been punished before you started using it, does not mean that it will not be punished.

The reason why I am creating this thread is due to the amount of players that has been punished because they have used public accounts. By creating this thread, I am hoping to prevent it from happening to other players.
Hey Faders,

The Administration Team has been working on clearing up any confusion with the old rules. While doing so, we came to the conclusion that we will scrap the old rules and write up an entirely new set. These rules will be 100% public to our players, so you will know exactly when you are breaking one of these if you read them.

These new rules go into effect as of the moment this is posted, so be sure to take some time to go through them. We also encourage any constructive feedback in the comments regarding the new rules.

FadeCloud Network
Official Guidelines

These rules apply to all users on the FadeCloud Network, regardless of what rank you have purchased. If you fail to comply and follow these rules, you may be permanently banned or muted. Therefore we highly recommend that each user reads and follows these rules to avoid punishment. We strongly prohibit any kind of punishment avoiding which includes the use of alternative accounts.

All decisions made by the staff are final if you feel a member of our team is abusing please report them using the correct forum section or contact another staff member.

Admins reserve the right to change these rules with or without notice.

Admins can permanent ban at their discretion if you are considered to be a nuisance to the server, staff or it's players.

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Purchasing Unbans
Due to evasions now being changed to...