Hey Faders,

We are sorry if you have been a victim of a false ban from the new anti-cheat. The Administration Team had reason to believe that it was extremely accurate, but you guys have proved us wrong in some cases.

If you have been banned by the anti-cheat, please make an appeal and it will be accepted. This goes for all cases before I receive confirmation that the bugs reported have been patched. We also are accepting appeals for those of you who have been denied due to our believing that the anti-cheat was accurate at the time.

We need your help to try and provide the best PVP experiences for our players here on FadeCloud. If you notice a bug with the anti-cheat, please inform an Admin immediately or make a bug report so we can develop a fast, efficient patch.

Please remember we aren't perfect, and currently nor is our anti-cheat. :p

I would like to give credit to @BootyHadMeLike for his thread which may have seemed somewhat hostile but expressed a major concern for the auto-banning feature of the anti-cheat.
Hello Faders,

I apologize for the network being down for so long. We have ran into hosting issues which should now be resolved. You may connect again with the "" IP.

Kind regards,
FadeCloud Staff Team.
Hello Faders,

I've been reading all recent threads made on the prison recent and this thread is to address a couple of them.

A lot of users feel that fortune doesn't do enough anymore and that its overall useless. Before the nerf at level 300 one block would give 5 stacks worth of blocks. This was changed drastically for the worst (according to the community). I'm going to be modify the enchantment again to make it a bit more OP so you receive an extra block count every 25 fortune levels. That means with max level you will receive 120+ extra blocks per block mined. The token count will stay at 8k base and will gradually increase as you upgrade with a max of 20k tokens per enchant.

Another thing, we will add back the token count for the fortune enchant but with a small change. Instead of always receiving the tokens from the fortune enchantment there will be a 1/10 chance. So every 10th block you mine you will receive tokens from the fortune enchantment. This should help you achieve higher enchant levels while keeping everything else balanced.

When reading this, do not neglect that there are other enchantments that help you receive tokens faster. Dragonbust for example gives you around 50 tokens every time its activated in a mine.

Why are we making it a 1/10 chance? because if you have a max fortune pick you receive 100k tokens per minute without this feature.