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Hello Faders,

Unlike Christmas, we don't have any updates for easter. Because of this, we apologize and are setting up a 70% sale. This sale will last for a week so take advantage of it.

Moreover, factions is now back up and running. The chunk corruption issue took longer than anticipated and therefore we are giving every factions member a /kit downtime. This kit will be on factions until Saturday. You can likewise continually check the current changes going ahead with the network here: http://fadecloudmc.com/forums/forums/change-log.44/

I am going to leave this bed here and let you all run your own conclusions on what...​
Hello Faders,

We ran into some chunk issues. We'll make another post as soon as the issue is resolved. Expect a downtime kit.

Kind regards,
FadeCloud staff team
Hey guys! KingKai here again,​

I wanted to make a post on the home page to update you guys on an existing rule that we have:

"Alternative accounts are prohibited. You are only allowed one account per IP."​

These rules were re-made around the end of January but some people didn't get a chance to see them. I hope that by putting them here in the post you guys can familiarize yourselves with them​

Any questions? Just PM me or another staff member....​
Hey Guys!
iiKingKai here again with your weekly dose of Ask Staff!

Im gonna go through all of the questions that you guys have and answer them to the best of my ability, if you feel my answer was vague or you have a question that is more in depth, do not be afraid to PM me!

Question: Hello, i've tried to contact several staff members including daddymew through a conversation of wich i have yet to be answered as of the time i'm writting this threath, i'm one of the 5 top march voters wich were suposed to recieve a 50$ coupon to be used on the...