Hello Faders,
The developers and I have been working extremely hard to bring in new content. Please note that the hover plugin will be deployed globally soon. it is currently on most servers.

Hover Chat
We've brought a new feature that was requested by some players. This will help detect those players with a nickname who say something bad in chat then quickly nickname themselves to something else. Moreover, this plugin also displays some basic information about a player. All you need to do is hover over someone's name or rank and it should display information.

You can also click a players name to display the same information. In later versions, when clicking someone's name there will be other options that you can use such as messaging them, checking their auctions placed and more.

We have also added a chat filter, cursing is bad.

This feature was once already on FadeCloud but tackled through issues (public plugins suck). Hence this aspect was really popular and a lot of players liked it we decided to make a custom version dedicated to the network. It has been modified to work as a wagering system. Before you accept a wager, make sure you are satisfied with what you can potentially win. The rates are 50 50, meaning you both have a 50% chance to win. The main command for the...
This is iiKingKai's Ask Staff thread.

Hey Guys!

You guys asked a lot of questions this time around in our Ask Staff section!
This time, I’m going to clear some things that you guys have asked.


Q:I have around 400 McMMO credits to redeem on my account... Problem is I have no idea what this means. What are the skill sets? Is there a list of them somewhere?? How does increasing them help me in game play?? And how exactly does the /redeem function work? Fairly new to fadecloud, and learning quickly, but this whole skill system thing has somehow eluded me... Can someone explain it to me, thanks!!

A: McMMO credits are used for increasing certain skills such as mining, Axes, swords, unarmed, etc. If you want to see your own stats you can do /mcstats to see what mcmmo levels you have. If you want to redeem tokens you put down /redeem (skill) (amount). Grind away and level up until you get to the top! You can see who has the most in a certain skill by typing /mctop (skill). For a decent McMMO guide. Check this out http://mcmmo.wikia.com/wiki/McMMO_Wiki
Hello FadeCloud!

This post is a little update on a couple of changes within the staff team. As many of you know, below are the recently promoted admins who have proven to be highly eligible and great at leadership, communication, and teamwork.
@Presented @smartis2

Also, congratulations to our new helpers who have shown potential and great effort so far.


In addition, I will add on another change which is Sr. Mod. This is a forum rank that signifies that these staff keep up with their staff duties and are assigned extra work, which have the option of having the custom title 'senior mod'.

@XISilverIX Helps Kyra with organizing, updates and informing the community..

@KingSaiyan Keeps the admin team up to date with the punishments and/or requirements of staff.

@Nauseous_ Keeps the appeals section cleaned up as much as possible and also cleans the rest of the forums.

@En5ads also helps with cleaning the forums.

Kind regards,
FadeCloud staff team