Hey Faders,

We have decided to change the punishments for mute and ban evasions again due to the issues we have found with the old way we did things.

Ban Evasions
If you are evading a ban, you will now be punished for the remainder of the original ban. If an Admin approves your purchase of an unban, all accounts that are banned for evading will be unbanned as well.

Mute Evasions
If you are evading a mute, you will now be punished for the remainder of the original mute.

Shared IPs
If you are banned or muted for evasion and are not responsible for the original punishment, please make an appeal and we will ask you for proof that the original punishment was for a sibling or friend on the same IP.

Punishment Wipe
The punishment wipe will be sometime this week. This will give a lot of you guys a second chance at keeping a clean history on FadeCloud. We only decided to do the punishment wipe due to database corruption which causes the public punishment page to not display and the community vote.
This is Nauseous's Ask Staff thread.

Hey Guys!

You guys asked a lot of questions this time around in our Ask Staff section!
This time, I’m going to clear some things that you guys have asked.


Q: Will the live chat come back?

A: We may consider adding this back in the future.

Credit: @Vandsaz


Q: Hi. My name is iiMqnt (Before that i was Duckie). I wanted to ask something. Lately creative has been going down,and it is down right now. Why? What happened? I don't know what could've made it happen. Please help >.<
Thanks. -iiMqnt

A: someone spam placed cakes... should be resolved

Credit: @Duckieeee


Hello Faders,
@iPhony has developed something special and requested by many. Kits that are obtained from crates, our webstore, and the shop in-game are now in a physical item form. If you receive these kits twice from crates, you can sell them to others or just trade them with a friend.


This small update should take effect upon server reboot.