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Hello fellow FadeClouders, It's Bret
back with your typical ask staff
I think some of the global ranks should have/fly like being MVP+ I think this because they have spent a lot of money for stuff like this and I think they should deserve it!

  • We have spent a lot of money for stuff like this
  • We may have accidently but the wrong thing that didn't have /fly [AKA...
Edit: Replanning the event times for next week so you guys can clear your schedules and we can figure out the timezones a little better. Will also try and add more to the event.

Hey Faders,

We haven't had an event in a while, but I couldn't leave you hanging on an Easter Event. We are hosting the first ever FadeCloud carnival. Now this isn't a big event or anything but there is so much to do! The event has parkour, an obstacle course, a maze and speed run. We may also host a speed building contest as well as a skin contest.

You must complete as many levels of...
Hey guys, its Dabstin here with your weekly dose of ask staff. I will be answering all of your questions.

Q: Hi, a while back I bought the emerald rank and it shows up in kit pvp and such but not factions, some people told me it was a bug just wanting to see if it could be fixed. Thanks
A: Make a donation inquiry right here: http://fadecloudmc.com/forums/forums/donation-issues.18/
Remember to follow the format!


Q: I didn't receive my...
Ahoy Faders,

Recently we have been working on achieving simple easy tasks in order to improve our player base and make it more fun for you as the players. We will be working on boosting the votes for our server on NameMc.

To Vote:
  1. Head to the signup page [CLICK HERE]
  2. Enter your credentials in the box
  3. Once you have entered your credentials you will be greeted with a message informing you that a message has been sent to your...