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Hey Faders,

Staff of the Month
The results are in! The winner of the community Staff of the Month vote is @Kieran! Congrats, and keep up the good work! The reasons the community choose him for Staff of the Month are below.

  • Activity (especially on Skyblock)
  • Quick to react
  • No bias
  • Leadership skills
  • Keeping his cool
  • Balancing staff responsibilities and playtime
  • Friendly
  • Hardworking
Giveaway Winner
Our giveaway winner for this month is @Kungfoos! Congratulations, please contact me on forums for your $25 store voucher code.

Hello Faders,

I'm proclaiming the survival will be reset tomorrow, 3/24/17 at approximately 3:00 PM EST. Survival has been revamped completely.

We have removed survival ranks because they give too much of a prison feel. Moreover, we replaced them with jobs. Each player can join up to 2 jobs. You can earn more money as you increase your job level (Lv 100 Cap). To access the jobs GUI type /jobs or visit the jobs NPC.

Worldedit protection has been removed and replaced with protecting sponges. You can get a sponge from /kit sponge (2 Week Cooldown) or purchase them from the shop in the misc category. These sponges protect up to 16x16 of your land from bedrock to the limit of the sky. All you have to do is place a sponge and it will do its job. You can also toggle pvp in your region. Learn more about the protection plugin by typing /protect in-game.

A lot of other new familiar features have been deployed such as custom enchants, tinkerer, and pets. Hopefully, you guys are as hype as I am for this release. If you have any suggestions, feel free to comment below.

Kind regards,
FadeCloud Staff Team

Hey Faders,

We have now established a build team for FadeCloud. One of the main things that this Build Team will do is build maps for events. We are still waiting on the build/event server but I'd like to start planning out ideas now.

The builders will soon have titles in-game, on forums and a place to showcase themselves as well as their builds. We ask that if they share a build with you, that you only give constructive criticism.

In the comments below, please let us know what type of events you would like to see as well as a description of what the map should look like for the event. These events can be related to a specific server, completely random etc. It would also help if you give a list of the types of prizes that should be awarded to the winners.

Can't wait to see your event and map ideas!

Hey Faders,


It's been awhile since I've done an event or giveaway, but don't worry, we will be doing them again soon. I have taken Sunday's off at my IRL job so that I would have time to do all the fun stuff for you guys. This will also be when we do staff apps most likely.

Staff of the Month
Every month the players of FadeCloud will be able to vote for the staff member that best represents our team. When voting, please think about the most important factors that contribute to being a great staff member.

We will be giving away a $25 store voucher to a random player who writes their reasons as to why they picked the staff member they picked. This entry will be done in the comments and must be at least 100 characters long if you would like to be qualified for the drawing. The voucher will be given out a week from today, so please be hasty with your entries.

Any troll entries or hate will be automatically disqualified and may have a punishment as consequence.

The poll is unfortunately too long to do here, so it will be hosted on Straw Poll.

May the best staff member win!