Hello Faders,

I am very happy to announce that Skyblock has been reset! We tested the server and felt more than happy to reset.

If you log on and need any help, /warp help will be able to get you started on Skyblock!

Hopefully you all will love this reset and enjoy playing on one of our most popular servers!

FadeCloud Team
Hello Faders,

Skyblock has been around for a very long time. Players are incredibly rich, iron golem spawners are common, and many issues are occurring. Therefore I believe that a reset should be taken place to provide the experience our users deserve. The reset will take place @ approximately 4:00 PM EST on September 16, 2016. We will have a fresh new spawn & with the reset will also bring back our old crates system which provides 3 rewards per crate instead of 1. Ultimately, I wish you all luck on becoming top 10 on the island top list!

On the other hand, OP/NON-OP Factions has been breached. Some users had duped items & spawners from the /shop. This issue is currently being resolved by @Inkzzz but fear not, we also deployed a temp fix so this issue does not occur again for the meantime. We're going to rollback the servers 2 days before the incident occurred to ensure the stability of the economy. We apologize for any loss and inconvenience. We will also deploy a kit named "rollback" to provide somewhat of a reward for the time lost.

Best Regards,
Hi everyone - I'm chckn, I'm just a lowly sysadmin so no need to give me greetings or anything, I don't understand what those are.

FadeCloud will become unavailable at the time of posting this due to maintenance for approximately 15 minutes, with limited network availability for up to an hour afterwards.

See you all on the network afterwards. :)