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by SwiftSwamp at 11:51 PM
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Hello, Community of FadeCloud

Tournament Winners:
Everyone who took part in the Tournament will receive $10,000 Coins, 100 Claim Blocks and a Random Pokemon. (All rewards will be given out once this issue is resolved) The top three winners can speak with me privately to work out there own custom prizes.

Participants: BeyondMC, PokemonVenusaur, HeyImTheDoctor, takebuddy, Dinoboy984, Xaxios727, dcc1999, Jellyfish1221, Feretto, goosemaniac, jpiepkow, IceMaskMaker, EianGardner, Narwhalz123, Kreeds94, Stavros_GR, Bluejay842, SwiftSwamp, SliverFoxHD, Jozokos123, iChriss, video5jr, Corridor, TheThirdPigeon, ExtentHybridz, _BLAZING_NINJA, OrcaTsunami9001, phonixhowe, Slim_Rket, iSour, Fierce77, BlindOhio

1st place: iChriss
2nd place: ExtentHybridz
3rd place: video5jr

I apologize for the current downtime of Pixelmon but after the map reset (ONLY the map reset, all pokemon,...
by DaddyMew at 2:36 AM
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Hello faders,

The reset will occur on a Friday, we apologize for the large wait; we wanted to verify everything and make sure everything is functioning correctly. We have tried and created a new factions server based on the community's suggestions, It helped us created something more favorable rather then what we used to have. The following features have been implemented into the OPFactions server.
  • New spawn
  • New shop
  • New pvp arena
  • New armor and swords
  • Economy changed
  • Flat bedrock in the overworld & end
  • Withers enabled in the end
  • New private vaults for donors
  • Changed the factions plugin
  • Fixed the round borders
  • Border increased to 15,000 x 15,000 in the overworld
  • Border increased to 10,000 x 10,000 in the end world
  • Border increased to 8,000 x 8,000 in the nether world
  • Warp mine removed
  • New kit GUI system deployed
  • New warp GUI system deployed
  • Combat tag cooldown increased from 10 to 15 seconds
  • /Stack command removed from...
by SwiftSwamp at 8:28 PM
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Hey, Swift Here

I know I've been using Twitter and Status Updates more for keeping everyone informed on what I'm doing but the amount of work I've done on Pixelmon specifically the past few days earns a post so below are all of the updates I've just finished or about to finish!

Green = Complete, Yellow = Working on It, Red = Haven't Started, + = Status Update/Change​

  • Switched out the Crate system to a better one as there was no way to enable or disable the chance of not getting an item and the rates were all messed up, please contact a staff member to get your keys switched out!
  • +Added Drop Parties for voting! Current Rate: 1 Minute Long, 100 Votes
  • +Added a Daily Crate, redeem your Daily Crate Key at spawn
  • Added a new system for using McMMO Skill Points, Command Change: /skills => /redeem
  • Added player trading! /trade for help or shift + right click a player!
  • +I've added...
by TadahTech at 1:56 AM
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Hey guys! Sorry this update is about 6 hours late (damn endermans disappeared on me, had to find them and get my keyboard back), but I have some good news!

We will be holding a beta testing session tomorrow. 13 lucky people will get to play with @DaddyMew and Myself, along with an admin. But that's not all!

The 13 people will get some special in game content for helping us test:
  • Awesome in-game prefix signifying your amazingness to all the players.
  • Double Coins for life
  • Access to the Thor Kit in game
Now, you may be wondering how you can be one of the few Beta Testers, so let me tell you.
Due to the significant amount of hype, we decided it best to be a donation option for early access. We are still determining the price as of this moment, but the 40% off sale will not apply to this item. There will, of course, only be 13 of the available, so be sure to mark this thread and get email notifications, as I will be posting when the sale goes...