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We're proud to announce that QualityNode is now offering Minecraft Servers for $3 per GB!

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by SwiftSwamp at 8:10 PM
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Hello, Faders!

Skywars has received two updates that a lot of you have probably been waiting a long time for.

First and foremost, not receiving your timed kits upon voting has been resolved, yay!

Last on the list is four new Skywars Maps! They don't really have names but here they are!
If you have any suggestions on changes to the kits, additions, removals, map names, etc, please drop a comment!

(Click on any of the images to view them in a nicer resolution)

Terribly sorry for not giving out any credit, I honestly can't remember who built what, if a staff member would like to edit this spot with the appropriate credit given, that'd be awesome!

Majestic Level: @TBD
Field Level: @Xuudon
Ship Level 01:...
by SwiftSwamp at 8:13 PM
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Hello, Community of FadeCloud!

I sincerely apologize with the delay in this post!

First, I would like to start off by congratulating last month's top voters, due to the delay you guys have up to ten days to pm me on the forums with what you would like from the Store.

Top Voters:
  • Dokusen - 108 Votes
  • ItsVampy - 105 Votes
  • [X] Ateam1 - 105 Votes
  • [X] ChiptheChipmunk - 105 Votes
  • [X] Dicety - 105 Votes

Next up on the list is Fade's Fame System! That's right, you can now give anyone of your choice Fame! You can only do this once every 24 hours and there isn't really any special meaning behind, just a fun little addon, enjoy!

by SwiftSwamp at 12:27 PM
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Thank you to everyone that submitted a bunch of hacked clients to me!
If you think you've received a false positive then the only way I can help you is for you to record yourself pvping on kitpvp (only server it's deployed on atm) and submit the video under bugs!

Thank You,
by DaddyMew at 10:57 AM
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Hello everyone,

Within this month we are going to be merging OPFactions and Factions into one server. How will this work? hence we cannot have one game aspect of each on one server we will be having a semi OP Factions. Vanilla enchants will be the highest you may obtain (besides the miner kit). That being said, the main goal in this advancement would be to maintain more users playing on our factions server. If you monitored the two servers in the background, as I did, you would notice the tremendous affect it caused on the player database. We would rather have on vast server then two smaller ones.

The new factions server will be up and running within this month. Unexpected errors can occur during the reset which can cause a delay. If you can any suggestions on the reset, feel free to comment below and it will be taken to consideration.

Nonetheless, the following are going to be lost upon reset:
  • Money Balance
  • McMMO
  • Inventory, ender chest, /chest...