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Hello, Community of FadeCloud!

This is going to be a pretty simple and straight forward post.

The forums currently has a lot of restrictions on it due to the abuse from players, what I'm proposing is an exclusive subscription rank on the forums for $3.99 USD / Monthly. (Pre-paying a year will drop the price cost from $3.99 USD / Monthly => $2.99 USD / Monthly. ($35.88 USD / Yearly))

When this is released it'll be in Beta until it's claimed as finished and anyone who purchases the rank during this time will have there price locked in at a lower monthly (or yearly) cost of $1.99 USD / Monthly ($17.88 USD / Yearly).

I would like your suggestions on what this rank should consist of, here's what I have in mind so far:
  • Higher limit with the amount of Private Conversations you can store in your account
  • Ability to use signatures (Abuse will result in a ban + the removal of your rank)
  • An exclusive "Supporter" rank on the forums
  • An exclusive Supporter only forum...
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Hello, Community of FadeCloud!

As many of you have been waiting to see what was going to happen to Pixelmon, here it is!

FadeCloud Pixelmon is now using Pixelmon Version 3.5.1 which has a lot of bug fixes from the 1.8 versions!
I'm still working on a solution for Pixelmon 1.8 but there is still way to many issues at this time!

You can download the Pixelmon Launcher (Recommended) Here:
You can download the new Pixelmon Version Here:
You can download the Proper Forge Version Here:

Pixelmon Forge Version: 1.7.10
Pixelmon Version: 3.5.1

Pixelmon 3.5.1 Fixes and...
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Hello, Community of FadeCloud

There is now two tags that can be used in the Announcements section: UPDATE and NEWS, this will hopefully make it easier for players to quickly see if a thread is about some new information or if updates have been done to the network.

I've added a few things to the Server Suggestions section of the forums to allow for easier organization.
  • A format to now follow when submitting suggestions, otherwise your post will be considered post farming as not following the format makes it more difficult for staff to decide if we should consider the suggestion or not.
  • A "Resolved Suggestions" suggestion to move all declined and accepted suggestions to separate the active suggestions from the completed or declined ones.
  • A few tags that will allow us and the community to keep track of the progress of a specific suggestion with the following tags: Accepted (The suggestion has been...
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EDIT: FadeCloud should be back online! Thank you for waiting patiently.


The server will be undergoing general server maintenance which will result in the entire network (aside from the website) to be offline. This maintenance shouldn't take longer than 45 - 60 minutes.

The general aspect of what I'm doing is listed below:
  • Performing kernel updates and patches
  • Applying security updates to the nodes
  • Increasing backend security
  • Updating some Control Panels that we use for faster performance and increased features
  • Tweaking some settings among other things
Thank you for playing on FadeCloud and I hope your experience stays great!

Best Regards,