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Hello faders,

As most of you can already tell prison has been reset! We have implemented new features, debuffed some prices and just balanced everything. With a brand new spawn and brand new mines to create the best experience possible. You will find yourself gliding throughout the A-Z ranks with ez. You will find the ranks after that a bit more difficult to achieve to. Prison isn't perfect there may be some bugs that you will encounter and if you do please speak up and tell a staff member. The following features have been implemented and removed from/to the new prison.

  • New spawn - We wanted to be a more of a unique server so we had build a new spawn layout.
  • New pvp arena - FPS was getting old, we decided to place the pvp arena at spawn. You can also access it by running the /warp pvp command.
  • New ranks - We have a various amount of new ranks and max of 40.
  • New prices - Prices and the...
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Hello faders,

The month has ended and our top 5 vote winners who are bellow are being rewarded.

ItsBlanky - Iron -> Diamond
Sjcush3 - Emerald -> Obsidian
WunnyOG - Gold -> Emerald
IGet7Ic - Gold -> Emerald
Ninroy11 - Diamond -> Emerald

All 5 individuals have been credited their $50 rank upgrade. If you wish to receive a $50 rank upgrade, better get voting because the votes have been reset. You can be the winner by the end of this month!

Vote here : ( http://fadecloudmc.com/vote )

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(Reset will emerge at 3 PM EST!)
Factions server status: ONLINE
OPFactions server status: ONLINE


Hello Faders,

The following changes have been implemented to factions server (Regular/Non-OP):
  • /Tnt - Crafts tnt if have the required items, must be a gold donor.
  • /NV - Toggles night vision for gold donors.
  • New spawn.
  • New economy.
  • Auction removed.
  • Pvp arena removed.
  • New players start out with 10 power.
  • Nether portal creation removed.
  • Iron kit nerfed by the removal of the god apple in the kit.
  • Gold kit nerfed by the removal of the god apple in the kit.
  • Hoppers speed is much faster.
  • Worldboarder is 10,000 x 10,000 in the overworld.
  • Worldboarder is 4,000 x 4,000 in the netherworld.
  • Drop party and voting crates are more OP.
  • Normal players can now...
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Hello faders,

It's time for another factions and opfactions reset. The reset will take place on Friday, May 8th @ about 3:30 PM EST. If any issues occur during the reset, it would be pushed back until further notice. Also a lot of other players have wanted OPPrison to be reset. This server will be next in line after the factions and opfactions reset. If anyone objects please let us know.

Things that will be changed:
  • The map
  • Inventories
  • Enderchests
  • Private vaults (/chest)
  • McMMO Credits
  • McMMO Level
  • Tokens
  • Money Balances
  • Players sethomes
Changes that will take place:
  • Faster hoppers
  • Better economies
  • Better shops

If there are any current known bugs please let us know ASAP so we can resolve them before the reset and also if you do not like something about the factions server please speak up so we can arrange a change into something that is more Favorable by the community.