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Click Me For a Step-By-Step Tutorial of how to join Fades Pixelmon:

Hello, I know that I've been really inactive towards the specific server Pixelmon but now I bring you loads of updates! I am also in need of a new spawn built. We also could use a Battle Arena for Tournaments.

Below is a changelog of everything that I've done:

  • Tournaments have been added!
  • - Any Donor or Staff Member can initiate a tournament (I will hold weekly ones with prizes now that we have a stable system for it instead of all the manual crap we tried in the past)
  • - Click Me To Learn More!
  • Commands: /tournamentSetup, /tournamentAdd, /tournamentRemove, /tournamentContinue, /tournamentForfeit, /tournamentSet, /tournamentStop
  • Server has been transferred to more powerful hardware!
  • Everyone now has access to the command...
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Hello, Community of FadeCloud.

I normally wouldn't post an exploit to software, etc...on Fade..but I found this to be vital. If you haven't updated your Adobe Flash Player today (Which you probably haven't), you're vulnerable to an exploit that allows hackers to excute code remotely on a computer with you being unaware. This apply's to all Adobe Flash Player versions of and under. Check your version: Click Me!
Grab the latest Adobe Flash Player:...
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Hello faders,

I apologize in advance for the lateness, there were more then 5 top voters this month, around 7 to be exact. We have raffled off the top voters and the winners are listed below.

IGe7ic - Emerald -> Obsidian
urbantechm0de - Iron -> Diamond
Mr_Huggs - Emerald -> Obsidian
lopeztheboss - Iron -> Diamond
ItsBlanky - Diamond -> Emerald

All 5 individuals have been credited their $50 rank upgrade. If you wish to receive a $50 rank upgrade, better get voting because the votes have been reset. You can be the winner by the end of this month!

Vote here : ( http://fadecloudmc.com/vote )​
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Hello faders,

As most of you can already tell prison has been reset! We have implemented new features, debuffed some prices and just balanced everything. With a brand new spawn and brand new mines to create the best experience possible. You will find yourself gliding throughout the A-Z ranks with ez. You will find the ranks after that a bit more difficult to achieve to. Prison isn't perfect there may be some bugs that you will encounter and if you do please speak up and tell a staff member. The following features have been implemented and removed from/to the new prison.

  • New spawn - We wanted to be a more of a unique server so we had build a new spawn layout.
  • New pvp arena - FPS was getting old, we decided to place the pvp arena at spawn. You can also access it by running the /warp pvp command.
  • New ranks - We have a various amount of new ranks and max of 40.
  • New prices - Prices and the...