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Hello Faders,

Everyone is pretty aware of the situation that was being taken during the last couple of days. If not i'm going to clarify everything that has occurred. Not to long ago our new crates plugin has had a small dupe and some asshole leaked information regarding the dupe. We did not want to reset any servers so we had a small roll back (1-2 days). Because of this we have rewarded everyone with a /kit rollback on both prison & skyblock. Reason why we have not given anything for OPFactions & Factions is because the servers have gotten so bad that we have decided to just reset them. There is no ETA yet so please do not ask.

Another reason the servers were down yesterday, we recently purchased new servers that are very powerful and provide no lag what so ever on any of the servers. These servers were expensive but we want the best for fade. It took us a whole day to transfer all the files and verify everything working. We hope everyone understands our situation and bears with...
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Hello faders,
I apologize in advance for the lateness, there were more then 5 top voters this month, around 7 to be exact. We have raffled off the top voters and the winners are listed below.

Dicety - Iron -> Diamond
Ironwolf22 - Gold
Sparkingmonkey - Iron -> Diamond
Elizzer21 - Gold
Lw03 -> Gold -> Emerald
All 5 individuals have been credited their $50 rank upgrade. If you wish to receive a $50 rank upgrade, better get voting because the votes have been reset. You can be the winner by the end of this month!

Vote here : ( )​
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Hello, Community of FadeCloud!

The other day a lot of you noticed that the Forums was quote on quote "hacked".
The exploit has been fixed and for obvious reasons I won't be giving out what the exploit was.
All of those whom are worried about Bzl now having your IP Address, the only thing he did was used this exploit to gain access to an Admin account of XenForo. What he could do was limited to what any other Admin on the forums could do. Yes he was able to look at IPs but everyone could during the time and no there isn't an "Export All Account Information / IP Addresses" button for those who are worried.
I apologize for it taking so long for me to restore the website during that time, I was the only one online that could do anything and with that being said, I was looking into the issue to see what caused the exploit along with other issues at hand. (Aside from the Backup/Database being such a large file, that was also painful to restore)

I apologize for everyone that experienced...
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Hello Faders,

Most of you have recently found out that we have deployed a new crates plugin. This crates plugin is very unique, you will not find it in any other server. It allows you to actually place the crates chest yourself and reveal the rewards. Furthermore, you now receive three rewards per crate instead of one, This allows the user to receive multiple items/rewards from one crate. Donor ranks have been removed from all crates but in regards of those actions we have implemented clouds to most crates (Voting & Fade). There is also a timer for a crate to be destroyed, This event is taken so players cannot c Hopefully everyone is satisfied with our new crates plugin & If you have suggestions on what can be added feel free to comment below.