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(Reset will emerge at 3 PM EST!)
Factions server status: ONLINE
OPFactions server status: ONLINE


Hello Faders,

The following changes have been implemented to factions server (Regular/Non-OP):
  • /Tnt - Crafts tnt if have the required items, must be a gold donor.
  • /NV - Toggles night vision for gold donors.
  • New spawn.
  • New economy.
  • Auction removed.
  • Pvp arena removed.
  • New players start out with 10 power.
  • Nether portal creation removed.
  • Iron kit nerfed by the removal of the god apple in the kit.
  • Gold kit nerfed by the removal of the god apple in the kit.
  • Hoppers speed is much faster.
  • Worldboarder is 10,000 x 10,000 in the overworld.
  • Worldboarder is 4,000 x 4,000 in the netherworld.
  • Drop party and voting crates are more OP.
  • Normal players can now...
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Hello faders,

It's time for another factions and opfactions reset. The reset will take place on Friday, May 8th @ about 3:30 PM EST. If any issues occur during the reset, it would be pushed back until further notice. Also a lot of other players have wanted OPPrison to be reset. This server will be next in line after the factions and opfactions reset. If anyone objects please let us know.

Things that will be changed:
  • The map
  • Inventories
  • Enderchests
  • Private vaults (/chest)
  • McMMO Credits
  • McMMO Level
  • Tokens
  • Money Balances
  • Players sethomes
Changes that will take place:
  • Faster hoppers
  • Better economies
  • Better shops

If there are any current known bugs please let us know ASAP so we can resolve them before the reset and also if you do not like something about the factions server please speak up so we can arrange a change into something that is more Favorable by the community.
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You may have noticed the servers are down, not all but most.. The problem is that the datacenter fade uses is currently messing up... This could take many days to fix please be patient.. "But 4eyes why are some people on"? The reason some people are on is because the weak signal is holding them but not everyone else.. Its almost a lucky dip to get on... This should be fixed soon! Spread the word if anyone asks! Thanks for reading! If the server is down in future time (Week or so) its the same problem.. Mew only rebooted the server and got it running the problem isn't actually resolved.. Just letting you guys know incase of this again! If its down mew will be most likely working on fixing it... Be patient and be aware its a tough situation.. Mew can't actually access this problem seems its with the host...
** UPDATE **

Things are not resolved yet but servers are going up. I contacted the host and waiting for him to...
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Hello faders,

We have resolved the following issues:

- [Skyblock] /Is level
- [Skyblock] /Is challenges
- [Skyblock] Small optimization
- [Skyblock] Island losing
- [Skyblock] Implemented Auction plugin
- [KitPVP] Implemented Ani-KillAura plugin
- [KitPVP] Tags fixed
- [KitPVP] Implemented Auction plugin
- [Network] Recruited more staff (more to come)
- [Network] Small optimization

If you are aware of any current issues please report it to me or any staff member.
From now on updates will go as this following format to keep things short and simple.

OSP is down due to it not feeling like an old school prison server. Things are being overhauled into something more old fashion regarding the old fade.